Wednesday , July 6 2022

Scientists have proven: rejecting sugar dramatically changes the human body


Today 17:33

American scientists are able to experience the negative effects of sugar on the body, according to Focus.

"Scientists study people with the growth of certain genes, because their bodies absorb very small amounts of glucose, that is, simple sugar, of the intestines," says the article. In total, the study examined data of 15,000 Europeans and Americans, with 1,200 of them migrating genes.

"The study showed that the risk of overweight is 57% lower than the people whose body absorbs very little glucose, the risk of developing diabetes was 42% lower. The likelihood of developing lower heart failure of 47% and the 34% death rate. So those subjects that, for genetic reasons, can only assimilate an inadequate amount of glucose, and turn out much healthier in many areas, " the publishing reports.


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