Thursday , May 19 2022

Sberbank said how much the ruble and oil will cost today


endm: savers)

Cfnc: Dad can?

Cfnc: Russians spending on entertainment has dropped significantly. In August-September, the fall in spending in this area compared to last year was around 30%. In October, the decrease was already 61.5%. Significantly less often, citizens started going to cafes and restaurants: if the fall in August-September was around 17-18% compared to 2019, then in October this spending reduction was 29.6%.

Drug spending among Russians grew the most: in September they were 3% higher than last year, and in October growth was already nearly 20%.

In the last week of October, Sberbank recorded the strongest fall in Russian spending since the spring: compared to the same week of 2019, they fell nearly 11%. The recession is the worst since May 2020.

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quack: “US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin called for an end to the Federal Reserve’s cheaper lending in connection with the pandemic, interrupting the growth of risky assets and shocking investors who relied on central bank support”
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