Thursday , May 26 2022

Russian Mortgage Bank stops working – Musician / Finance


The Russian Mortgage Bank provides temporary operations, including operations through remote service channels. The relevant content message will be published on the credit institution's website.

"Operations in the" Payments and transfers "section are not available in the Internet Bank and mobile application … RIB's mobile application is not available," he said.

However, credit institution clients can continue to order pieces, reports, addresses and other documents through the Internet bank.

The board of directors and management of the bank, together with representatives of the Central Bank, is preparing a plan to restore the bank's operational capacity, the report emphasizes.
It also recalls that Russia's deposits up to 1.4 million rubles have been insured with the Deposit Insurance Agency.

The bank states that he is facing withdrawing money and withdrawing money from client accounts. In this situation, the bank blames "a wave of negative bank announcements on the Internet, including social networks, in various forums and unknown Telegram channels."

The bank runs the 189th of assets; from October 1, their volume was 12.7 billion rubles. The Russians are kept on this date in the bank savings of 8.3 billion rubles.

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