Monday , October 3 2022

"Red" throwing baby red book predator at Primorye


National park experts do not still have information about where people find the kitten and how they can relieve it. However, they suggest that the raptor predator was removed from the mother and decided to leave as a pet. Soon, closer to his character, people were obviously wanting to get rid of it. That is why it is close to the national park gates in the village of Barabash, the Khasansky Primorye area.

Park workers were able not only to find cages and feed in a few days, but also to invent a name for it. Ward of the name Barabash – name and village where he was found.

"The only right decision that people made in this case was to transfer experts to the cat – without help, it's likely that it would not survive. It does not have a hunting experience, which is essential a six-month-old cat. So we will have to create special conditions so that he can fulfill his natural behavioral needs: look for prey and hunting, "said a research engineer in the Zemlya Leopard National Park. Ekaterina Blidchenko.

Now the ward feels good and already makes the first attempts to hunt live prey – little quilts. Experts monitor the formation of their living and independent skills. After all checks and observations, experts will be able to say in more detail when the cat is able to return to the wild.

Incidentally, at Primorye, experts often face the causes of insecting and treating animals unfairly. So last week there was a new ward in the center for rehabilitation of tire and other rare animals. This is a Himalayan beer cub, who has long lived in a small cage near him.

During hibernation, experts will follow the queue of the bear. The final decision on where the Himalaya bear will live in the spring will be done only after experts observe the animal's behavior.

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