Monday , January 17 2022

Ray Dalio says that the situation for investors is now similar to what was in the 1930s – November 20, 2018


Founder and manager of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedgerow fund, Ray Dalio, said we "have squeezed a lot out of US markets," and investors should be more comfortable with the smallest "cow money ".

"I think we are in an environment where we will have low returns for a very long time," said Dalio, adding that the shares have "squeezed" by a period of lower interest rates and liquidity injections " pretty much. "

"I believe that the world generally uses lending funds for a long time," he said, explaining that low interest purchases and blends and acquisitions, raising stock prices, which also boasted the impact of House tax cuts White.

Dalio, who has just published a new book, The Principles of Navigation for Major Debt Crises, has compared the current investment period with the 1930s period. At the time, the United States was also at the end of the business cycle with popular policies and a "tonne" of debt.

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