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Quentin Tarantino hit the sexists, but not for a long time. Thanks to feminists

Director Quentin Tarantino introduced his new film “Once Upon and Time in Hollywood” and with actress Margot Robbie was at the heart of a small scandal. At the first performance, the reporter asked the master why the Suicide Squad star had not received much screening time from Tarantino, and that the male actors had had a lot. The director replied that journalists considered him sexist, but even feminists stood over the idol.

Quentin Tarantino is known as the author of the cult films Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and Kill Bill, but the director's career is far from excess. On May 21, at Cannes, a first presentation was given to his new work “Once Upon and Time in Hollywood”, partially dedicated to the tragedy of a French-Polish director of Roman Polanski. In 1969, his wife Sharon Tate was murdered by members of the Charles Charles Family division.

Although the summary mentions the crime, the plot of the film depends on the relationship between the two main characters – the cowboy actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his substitute Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). The couple live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, near Polanski and his wife. The latter's role went to actress Margot Robbie and caused a dispute between the director, journalists and users of social networks.

The day after Cannes premiere on America's leading business website on Variety show, an article entitled “Quentin Tarantino had fallen into a reporter when he asked him about the significance of Margot Robbie's role“ Once … in Hollywood ”. The article described the correspondent from the New York Times, who addressed the director in the presentation and asked him a provocative question.

The journalist asked why "very talented actress Margot Robbie" had a small role. Against the background of screen time, Di Caprio and Pitt, the number of reproductions of the actress seemed trivial to the reporter. Tarantino did not bother with the answer: his response was quiet, but assertive and concise.

I refuse to guess you, ”said the director.

Following an article on the Variety website instagram, a video appeared with a presentation entitled “Tarantino which had fallen through it”. You can evaluate yourself as exciting or quiet as the director.

In one day, the video collected nearly 100 thousand views and dozens of comments. At first, the NewYork Times reporter was piled up. According to many, there was no room to talk about equality on the introduction of the Tarantino film.

The main consumer debate is the director's history. Readers recalled that Tarantino for over 20 years had made women the main characters of their work.

However, the main wave of criticism went to editors of Variety, who called the fair, according to consumers, Tarantino solution "crash." The readers accused the magazine of spreading incorrect information and requiring the title to be changed immediately.

Not only did his supporters make the director's side. A number of feminists talked about Tarantino's conversation with a journalist. They believe that the reporter has insulted masters and supporters of #MeToo's movement, and women in general.

The most observant observers noted that the question of the reporter in the presentation was very embarrassing to Margot Robbie. In fact, you can see that the actress has stopped smiling by the end of the recording and lowered her eyes (thanks for a short time).

Supporters of such could not forgive her.

However, the curious correspondent also found fans. There were very few people, but they were sure: Tarantino was rude and had to answer the question. According to consumers, there was nothing criminal about the replica.

But there is good news. The users even laughed at some of the participants in the presentation.

Social media users are ruthless when it comes to their name. Beauty Charles Boger of the United States, James Charles lost three million subscribers in a few days. But it only made careless advertising.

Authors are also surprised fans, and for this they often need one question. Stephen King asked the fans why the mayonnaise was white and he had so many strange answers that he now faced the risk of breaking the Universe.

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