Wednesday , January 27 2021

Photo: Who beat Christina Orbakaite

Christina Orbakaite shared a picture with traces of beats. A scary picture appeared on the artist's Instagram page.

In the frame of the singer appeared with a broken lip. Purple bruising around Orbakaite eyes. Despite the fact that the injuries look realistic, the actress fans should not be afraid of you – this is a good composition. So Christina decided to play everything on 1 April.

Instagram @orbakaite_k

– From childhood I loved making everyone laugh at home and at school. So, to come across comedy in life, on stage and in the cinema, it's not important, a tragicomedy or sitcom, farce or vaudeville is always interesting. All from 1 April, – wrote under the picture.

Earlier, Channel Five reported beats Victoria Scripal. Unfortunately this was not a April Fool joke.

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