Thursday , January 27 2022

Olga Buzova decided to become a mother


A few days ago on one of Russian television channels, there was a program with Olga Buzova 32. During a talk with a leading singer he answered one of the issues that concern public interest.

Olga Buzova succeeds in everything. In a few years, the singer and television presenter has become the most controversial person in our country. The Buzovoy name does not leave media pages, and its number of followers on Instagram is growing explanatory. As Olya herself admits, only one thing is missing in her life – the happiness of simple women.

Recently, NTV showed the "Central TV" program, where during a conversation with the presenter, the singer surprised everyone with a statement about maternity in the future.

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-> "If I'm up to 35 years old, I do not give birth to a loved man, I will adopt or adopt a child. I will fulfill my dream, because, of course, I really want children and give life for someone … "- Buzova admitted.
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During the conversation, the singer noted that she was not going to leave the stage even if her daily duties were added to her parental responsibilities. "Do you think if I'm married and I'm pregnant, I will not be able to talk and sing?" I'll have even more creativity, there will be new songs! "- summarize Olga.

Do you think that Buzova will be able to combine work with his family?

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