Thursday , July 7 2022

NASA Snapshots – Hubble showed an impressive picture of the death of the galaxy


NASA showed a Hubble shot of the NGC galaxy 4485 made by the space telescope, which was distorted due to gravity "effect" of the other side, more galaxy – NGC 4490.

The picture was published by the American Aerospace Agency press service.

Therefore, the galaxy NGC 4485 was cut in its structure due to the effects of gravity of another galaxy. In places of “contact” dark blue stars and chaotic chains of dust and gas began to form in it. Gravitational forces change the outlines of galaxies, and continue to cause powerful flashes of star formation. Also formed here are huge gas pockets.

The exact location in the two conflicting galaxies is the Dogs Hounds in constellations of the Atlas of remarkable (extraordinary) galaxies Arp 269, and they've located 30 million light years of the t Earth.

Photograph taken with Camera Wide Field 3 camera.

As the "Apostrophe" reported, scientists discovered large holes inside our Milky Way galaxy, made by an unknown and very intense object.

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