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Mum to the final of the show “Voice. Children ”: we are all in shock news news show today, May 16 – Free Press


The results of the examination of the “Children's Voice” poll today announced confirmed the fact that cheating and forced the First Channel to cancel the voting results.

This decision surprised Gummira, mother of Yerzhan Maxim, who reached the final of the show. According to her, she is even difficult for her to say something concrete about this, "360" channel reports the TV.

“We're all in shock! I can't believe that things of this kind (wrap votes) could happen, ”said the woman.

At the same time, he could not comment on the new prospects for his son, Yerzhan, who opened in connection with the deletion of the vote.

“What happens next, I don't know. The first channel has already published the special edition 'Voice'. Children. "It will be released on May 24. As Dmitry Nagiyev promised, during the broadcast all the dots above the" i "will be installed," the woman ended.

Earlier, it was reported that the intermediate results of the audit confirmed that the vote was during the sixth term of the “Voice” project. In this regard, Channel One decided to revoke the competition's results.

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The singer Alsou's daughter Mikella Abramova became the sixth winner of the children's “Voice” term. 56.5% of viewers voted for it. Her nearest opponent Yerzhan Maxim was supported by 24.7%. Third place went to Valery Kuzakov with 15.6%.

Thus, over 145,000 viewers over Mikella, over 64 thousand people Yerzhan, voted about 36 thousand for Valery. The results of voting had shocked many viewers. They considered that Mikella Abramova's victory was dishonest.

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