Sunday , October 17 2021

Kim Kardashian's nude pictures have disturbed her husband: Apparitions: Values:

As a member of the American reality television show "Kardashian Family", Kim Kardashian-West admitted to television presenter Ellen DeGeneres that her husband Kanye West sometimes worried about her wife's naked pictures on Instagram. Report BuzzFeed.

Kardashian-West said her husband was sometimes worried about such photographs, but she could also express support. "I'm always keen to be myself and we just have fun, but sometimes it's worried," said Kardashian on the show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

When DeGeneres asked her for a special picture, where the model holds a spoon in the kitchen in a bikini, Kardashian replied that she did not wear it as if it were cooking. "I may wear such clothes under my home, but sometimes we have to do things weird to Instagram," said the star.

She added that she was trying to find a compromise between conservative pictures and pets that so embarrass her husband.

In November, Kim Kardashian-West, a member of the American reality show "The Kardashian Family", was used using Photoshop. When showing Instagram @fakegirlsfvckya account, a collage of a retrieved image from the TV and original star page appeared the same picture.

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