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Karpin explained why he refused to spart the offer


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Karpin explained why he refused to spart the offer


Coach Rostov Pen Valery Karpin he said why the spark resigned Spartak after the red and white coach post was released due to the departure of Massimo Carrera.

"As a new Spartak chief coach, I would like Kononov to be patient. What else can I say. Why did we reject this job in Spartak? For some reasons, one of them is that it would be wrong to leave Rostov after the trust that is by the control of the club, the governor and the supporters. Wrong half way to give her up. Here I'll be very comfortable and desirable to be. First of all, I would Wrong in relation to "Rostov." Starting with the president – a man who gathered from team, club, coaching staff and football players is so interesting and competitive. ; This team wants to leave.

Regarding the rumors that I am asking for a protected contract and a fixed amount for transfers, as they used to say: "Do not read the Soviet press." Our Internet is also not worth reading. This was written by one person who has never been close. The reason why this person does not take such information is clear. If we talk about a secure contract and transfers, he did not even come to these discussions. So, where this information comes, I do not know.

Do I accept the mind that I can once again return to Spartak as a coach? As some abstract thinking, yes, I admit. In that regard, I would like to do it now, no. And in the future – never say ever. After 10 years, if I'm kicking out of Rostov, why? "Karpin said on the All in a Match program.

Karpin led the "Spartak" Moscow from 2009 to 2014. Along with the red and white expert twice became a silver medal of the Russian championship.

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