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Japanese scientists match silence with silences – Social Responsibility


Traditional medicine uses lavender in the fight against stress and anxiety. Japanese scientists who conducted raptor experiments proved that the odor of the plant was operating on the nervous system such as Valium (sedative). The results of the study, published in the Neuroscience Behavioral Frontiers in Neurology journal, are reporting The New York Times.

A group of scientists led by a physiologist and neurobiologist at Kagoshima State University (Japan), Hideki Kashiwadani, found that breathing alcohol linalool, one of the lavender odor components, affects the same parts of the mouse brain as Valium. However, the ingredient does not cause side effects, for example, to fall. The substance goes to the brain not through the blood, as thought of in front. The animal is released by breathing in the odor through a healthy nose.

"Many are skeptical of the effects of pieces. But among the stories there is a genuine, scientific based," said Kashiwadani.

Scientists were interested in the impact of linalool at anxiety when they experienced in mice as an ill health. He then pointed out that the substance calms experimental blemish. The researchers bring linalool vagus toes in specially equipped cells. Animals that breathed the substance studied the surrounding space with great interest, as they were less nervous. At the same time, they acted as sober beans, unlike the bones that received benzodiazepines (psychoactive substances with sedative effect, relieve anxiety) or linalool injections.

The substance did not have any effect when scientists were preventing the ability of smelts to smell. So they found that alcohol affects the neurons in the nose, they send signs to the correct parts of the brain. The expert said that the ambient system was smell consistent with continuous exposure.

The effects of lavender have not been tested on humans. But Kashivadani suspects that alcohol can also affect the brain of other people and mammals with similar emotional patterns. Experts consider it important to continue with this study, given that all the adult population in the United States is suffering from anxiety, and many of the drugs which is used to cause side effects: collapse, stomach, sexual disorder and postgraduate amnesia.

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