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Intel continues to strengthen the marketing department with new personnel


Raja Koduri and Jim Keller are the brightest Intel recruits in recent years, but not the only ones. The most widely heard in the press are Intel personnel appointments linked to corporate marketing activities. In the relevant unit in recent months, Intel has been successful in attracting not only relevant profile experts from AMD and NVIDIA, but also media representatives, as well as people with analytical experience in the semiconductor industry.

It is believed that recruitment activity of this kind is not as much linked to Intel's effort to redirect the business to everything related to data processing, storage and transfer, but to the enterprise's create separate graphic solutions that would be good across all market segments. The deadlines are compressed – the first type graphic products are promised separately by the end of next year. Of course, only those who have forgotten about the variety of Intel products from the sample of the second half of the nineties of the last century they were “first”. The company also released separate graphics solutions.

Image source: Twitter, Raja Koduri

Image source: Twitter, Raja Koduri

Today, we remember who joined Intel's employees ranks for the time that has passed since the end of 2017. For the reference point, the most resilient personnel migration – transfer of head of AMD Raja Koduri's graphics department to Intel was selected:

  • In a new workplace in Intel Raja Koduri It is responsible for the overall management of design, and is also head of the Core and Visual Computing group as Senior Vice President.
  • Jim keller (Jim Keller). This talented engineer is hard to count among immigrants from AMD alone, because during his career he worked in Apple, Tesla, Broadcom, and DEC. In Intel, we manage semiconductor design issues. Jim's activities are thought to have an impact on future Intel processor architecture. In many corporate events, Koduri is accompanied by Keller. He is believed to have attracted Jim from Tesla, where he worked from the front.
  • Chris Hook (Chris Hook). For a long time involved in marketing in AMD's graphics department, Chris has recently been preparing to promote Intel's separate graphics solutions. It is credited with the authorship of the enterprise called "Odyssey", which suggests active interaction with users. Intel plans to revitalize graphics separately in close dialogue with the target audience.
  • Antal Tungler (Antal Tungler), formerly a senior global marketing manager in AMD, has been leading Intel's software strategy since September last year. His task is to create more friendly drivers.
  • Daren McPhee (Daren McPhee) in Intel will be dealing directly with marketing support for separate graphics, although he has recently done similar work in AMD.
  • Ryan Schraut Ryan Shrout is a rarer Intel asset for personnel, because before that he had a career in a browser, journalist and independent expert. Ryan is the founder of PC Perspect, but now he will be responsible in Intel for developing a strategy to increase product performance.
  • John carville (Jon Carvill) to work in Intel from Facebook, where we managed public affairs on technology issues. However, she had the opportunity to work in AMD, ATI, Global Foundries, as well as Qualcomm. Moreover, he had worked in Intel's front, but now he will work as a vice president of marketing in the field of technology leadership. It seems that Intel is already tired of finding new jobs for the experts concerned.
  • Damien Triolet Damien Triolet linked to another popular resource – the French site, although I managed to work in AMD graphic section. In Intel, it will be about graphic marketing and visual technologies.
  • Devon Nekechuk (Devon Nekechuk) works in AMD's marketing structure for nearly 11 years, engaged in marketing the products of this brand. Since February this year, it has been Intel as director of graphic products.
  • Kyle bennett (Kyle Bennett) is the founder of the site HardOCP, but after working in Intel in April this year, he will lead the marketing team in technology leadership. It will also have to set up a dialogue with the user audience.
  • Thomas Pieteren (Thomas Petersen) is one of the few former employees of NVIDIA's marketing department who will be involved in creating Intel graphics solutions. Thomas has been given councilor status to oversee the development of architecture and software, as well as different types of graphic solutions.
  • Heather Lennon (Heather Lennon) in Intel is involved in promoting graphics solutions in digital media, in AMD, has been working with public relations for graphic products for nearly eight years.
  • Mark Walton (Mark Walton) made his career in a number of well-known industry publications such as GameSpot, Ars Technica, Wired and Future Publishing. In the Intel group, responsible for leading technology, Mark will deal with public relations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Ashraf Issa (Ashsa Eassa) is the latest personnel acquisition of Intel. For nearly six years, Ashraf has included semiconductor industry events in the analytical publication The Motley Fool, demonstrating incredible efficiency and dedication. In Intel, it will have to deal with strategic planning in technical marketing.

I would like to believe that the efforts of all these experts will allow Intel to create new successful products that the market will demand. Returning to the separate graphic segment will require a titanium effort by the company to promote its new products, but when looking at the army marketers that are growing rapidly, we can assume that the work will not be t this is done in vain.

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