Tuesday , January 25 2022

In Voronezh, the production of IL-96 modernization was launched


MOSCOW, November 20 – RIA News. The assembly began the air frame elements of the first broadband IL-96-400M broadband airliner in Voronezh Aviation Plant, the press service of the Fly Complex named after they told RIA Novosti. S.V. Ilyushin.

The IL-114. Archival picture
IL-96-400M and IL-114-300 aircraft will receive modular avionics

"The work is being done actively. The work on developing design documents in the final phase, the assembly of the air elements is also done. In addition, contracting is underway on the components, "said the company.

In July, it was reported that the government had decided to allocate to United Corporation Building Corporation, which includes a Voronezh aircraft plant, 1.32 billion rubles for reconstruction and production technical re-equipment for the production of an IL-96-400M aircraft.

The IL-96-400. Archival picture.
IL-96 regeneration: how the updated aircraft will help the airline industry

The Multi-96-400M long-body passenger aircraft is created based on the Il-96 aircraft to further improve this type of aircraft and expand their transport capabilities by extending the fuse and installing PS-90A1 machines more powerful instead of PS-90A. The lining can take up to 400 passengers, depending on the cabin layout. The large diameter fuselage provides a modern level of comfort for passengers on long journeys. In terms of reliability, security and efficiency, the IL-96-400M is in conjunction with its global counterparts. Earlier, it was reported that the board's presentation had been scheduled for the end of 2019, the serial statement – in 2020.

The Ilyushin Fly Complex is part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) transport aircraft division.

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