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"In the White House, disorder without Kadyrov": how to explain unlocking the Instagram account Chechnya leader


The official page of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov On an Instagram with three million subscribers stopped from the end of December last year, but on Wednesday, November 14, Chechen leader announced unexpectedly that she returned to the Internet. As stated Federal News Agency (FAN) in his own republic, "The White House has been bored without Kadyrov in the field of information."

"Justice is higher," Kadyrov wrote to his subscribers. – Unlock my main Instagram. Over this time, millions of subscribers have been deprived of the opportunity to receive information directly. Also, thousands of residents of Chechnya and other regions could not contact me, who were in the forefront, avoiding all bureaucratic authorities, raising problems and receiving prompt help on essential issues. "

Ramzan Kadyrov accounted for 3.2 million people, when the Facebook company decided to suspend sanctions. The company that is leading the company is not very clear. Kadyrov received the "Magnitsky" list three days before blocking his account on Instagram, while other people from the same list and Ramzan associations remain active users, for example, a speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov He has already eliminated his Instagram independently of unity with the head of the republic. As we were told FAN Dzhambulat Umarov, the Chechen Republic's Minister for national policy, external relations, press and information, first in the administration of Kadyrov, took a block for technical failure and only during correspondence with the company, it became apparent that sanctions were & 39; these. The popular account, followed by more than three million people, and where Kadyrov was personally matched to the Chechen people, was blocked indefinitely. Immediately appeared fan pages, but Kadyrov himself has changed to communicate in Russian social networks. With Facebook unlocking, acting less secretly, they say in the republic.

"It's hard to say exactly what happened," he said FAN Dzhambulat Umarov. – Ramzan Akhmatovich, neither naughty, nor anyone else can influence Zuckerberg and his company. Kadyrov took the news of unlocking with little euphoria, rather quietly, as a business. If this is done with the expectation that Chechen leader will reduce his distress, he will change his policy, become more flexible, then I believe that even if these pages are unlocked for an hour , they will use this hour to the maximum in the name of justice, the fight against each negative what is happening in the world. I personally take this news with great confirmation. In double standards, justice of this kind of justice is quite scarce, and when they appear, here is the hope of something better. With Ramzan Akhmatovich, one can agree or not, to love him or not, but can not be rejected in good faith and in good faith. Who's so cautious today defends the situation in the fight against international terrorism? Who makes it so emotional and confident in himself and his abilities like him? It is more effective than many problems that solve weight with non-standard methods, its charm, its depth of character, not the usual charisma for others, which is hard to find. among high-level politicians. Take the American, European organization – the feeling is that people have become plastic. When a politician is so true, emotional, honest and false, the world becomes more sensitive. "

In the unlocked count by the Chechen leader, two new jobs have already appeared – as for military weapons and an appeal for subscribers.

"I do not know how long this page or any of the resources will exist, but one thing I said to you is that – not for the second time will be my disaster with injustice, oppression or violence regardless of who is committed, regardless of the nation or denomination … Over the whole People or over one Person! "(style author, spelling and punctuation – approx. FAN) – Ramzan Kadyrov commented on this text in his Instagram that he had updated.

As previously stated FAN Dzhambulat Umarov, this social network has become one of the most popular among the Chechens, and the presence of a national leader in it is a powerful tool to fight extremism.

"Ramzan Akhmatovich's return to Instagram will help work with young people," said the minister. – When Kadyrov is not, the youngsters are looking for other idols. They are found on the Internet, and ultimately climbing into the basement, is enclosed with explosives and goes to peaceful streets. Ramzan Kadyrov has been the forefront of this battle, mostly ideological. In any case it is impossible to prevent such people. "

It is not possible to explain the sudden unlocking of the popular Chechen leader in the republic – they are just guessing.

"Perhaps the conscience of real democrats woke up?", Suggests Umarov. – Can he warm up personally to Kadyrov or played a pity for millions of subscribers? Perhaps somewhere at the bottom of the wise analytical services, realize that Kadyrov is not impossible to fight terrorism? "

Or, they've lost Ramzan Akhmatovich's live events on social networks, and he's regularly out on the political agenda, the External Relations Minister smokes.

"Without Kadyrov, fun," he said. – Ramzan Akhmatovich does not lose one news, and he's participating in what would appear to another reputable politician is unsuitable – they say they will capture it turn, tramp into dust. And Kadyrov will definitely interact in those cases when he considers it to deal with injustice. "

Recall the other day that Chechen's leader held his compatriot on the social networks Rahima Kuraeva – a five year old boy who has been banned 4105 times. The record of the young athlete was not included in the Russian Record Book, but the Chechnya head, which Rakhim gave his sporting commitment to, responded to his gratefully and respected sport.

Another story with Kadyrov was lost in the networks, when young Chechen, Turpal Khasiyev, throws an empty jar in a Moscow traveler, taking him with the famous modern slogan of Chechnya "Akhmat is a power!" After the entire Internet was angry with this act, the man apologized the next day to Kadyrov and his countrymate and flew to a small homeland. As a penalty, Khaisev sent a deed on Grozny streets and planting flowers – a non-male business, as is believed in Chechnya. As confirmed FAN Dzhambulat Umarov asked the man to be left at work, and he wrote a statement on the official employment in the MUCH "SURSAD" – now he will be free of charge about improving facades and gardening at Grozny.

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