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In the Russian Orthodox Church interested in anime icons: Society: Russia:


Ufa's diocese is studying the public in the VKontakte social network, where users post icons have been removed in anime style. This writes Rosti Novosti.

According to the press secretary of Ufa, Evgeny Sheryshev, the ROC is aware of this trend, but the situation on this issue has not yet been calculated. "That's not that we started to check this fact, this is not a privilege, experts will look and decide, they may send a request to the Diocese of Moscow. There are moments of insulting the feelings of believers or not, here & Specialists, "he said.

The first news on this topic appeared on February 15 on the air of the Bashkortostan State Television and Radio Company. The material claimed the insult "Anime icon creatures" in Bashkiria ".

The agency failed to be addressed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UK regional.

In 2018, a resident of Barnaul, Maria Motuznaya, was a defendant in a criminal case for insulting the feelings of believers because of meme that illustrates Christ. In court, he refused confessions, explaining that she had put them pressure. Another Barnaul, Andrei Shashenin, was accused of extremism because of meme drawing Patriarch Cyril, behind him is Jesus Christ and asks, "Can you tell me time?" worth 30 thousand dollars).

In 2017, the blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky received a test of 3.5 years after insulting the feelings of believers for a video clip with a Pokemon still in the temple. The term was reduced to two years and three months after he admitted his guilt and apologized.

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