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In St Petersburg, a single soloist "Singing Guitars" and his wife carried out a car: Society :: RBC

Valery Stupachenko, 75, has been hospitalized in a moderate severity condition. The police are searching for the perpetrator

Valery Stupachenko

(Photo: Dmitry Gusarin / TASS)

Sergei Dronov, VIA producer and brand owner, Valery Stupachenko, 75, is a former vocal instrumental ensemble "Singing Guitars", 75. According to him, Stupachenko and his wife knock a car on a pedestrian crossing.

"He has both legs in a cast, his wife is in intensive care, she was suffering more. My wife has a serious condition," he said.

Valery Stupachenko and the wife of Vera in the inpatient department of Elizabeth's hospital in St Petersburg, told RBC at the medical referral institution.

According to Dronov, the event took place on Sunday, November 18, on Prospect Enlightenment. The driver flows to the scene, the eyes of the accident witnesses are asked to contact the police.

On the night before "" referring to the traffic police at St Petersburg he reported that an unknown driver in a car without a front bumper had dropped a man and a woman in a pedestrian crossing through Prospect Education and disappearing.

The VIA "Singing Guitar" was created in 1966, joined Valery Stupachenko in 1969. As part of the VIA, he performed a number of popular songs in the Soviet Union, such as "Blue song" ("Blue, blue ")," Nightingale "," And I can sing "," This is the weather ", etc. In 1975, he left the group, and later worked in a jazz orchestra conducted by Joseph Weinstein and the Kalinka band. In 1997, Stupachenko took part in a concert of the "Guitar Song" that was revived at St Petersburg Music Hall. At the moment – author and performer of spiritual songs, boy of the Temple of Resurrection of Christ in the Piskarevsky cemetery

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