Friday , August 12 2022

In every Xiaomi smartphone on MIUI 10, there was a terrible tired feature


The main advantage of Xiaomi products is not only quality, although it is at a very high level, but at the cost of its smartphones, tablets, television, head boxes and many other electronic devices. The reason for the low price of the gadgets by this maker is to buy and actually, and sometimes sells some individual models at a cost, that is, without earning money. Against this background, this maker decided to start using a new way of winning, which appeared in the MIUI 10 firmware.

All the Xiaomi smart phones that the MIUI 10 operating system set on the basis of any version of Android have now been integrated with advertising. Initially, many thought they had had malicious software on their mobile device, but then I found that this was not the case. The company's press service has confirmed officially that adding advertisements to the software of its brand smartphones is part of a new business strategy for the coming years to sell products at the lowest possible prices.

Due to such advertisements, if the user uses a smart phone, Xiaomi receives around $ 5 per month, which allows him to earn as much as $ 60 a year, that is, an amount great money. All of this money is going to create new software, research new technologies, and develop new smartphones. You can meet advertisements in the MIUI firmware 10 in almost all standard applications, ranging from music to the video viewing application.

Of course, nothing is good in all this, especially as Google ad additions have even added to the application installer, that is, every time the smart phone owner Xiaomi is trying to install some kind of program shows ad. At the same time, there are no functions and locations in the MIUI 10 firmware that could mean an advertising display at the level of the whole operating system, but you can get rid of it using third-party software.

All phone buyers from this brand should be ready for the fact that much advertising will be embedded in its firmware, and for everyone who already has such tools, You must accept this, because in future years, the brand policy on this subject is unlikely to change. Earlier it was reported that the Chinese Xiaomi corporation will ban applications on smartphones.

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