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Husky rapper arrested in Krasnodar

Moment of keeping the musician Husky in Krasnodar

The fact that the Husky rapper was kept in Krasnodar on Wednesday 21 was reported by the Protection of Open Russian Human Rights. The organization's lawyer represents his interests. Husky (Dmitry Kuznetsov) was retained after he had sung a number of songs on the street in front of the club, standing by car and car.

According to the information available, the rapper was taken to the police department in the Central District on Oktyabrskaya Street, 121. Responsibility can be taken to him under the "Destruction or deliberate damage to property" or "Minor Hwliganiaeth".

Husky refused to carry out a medical examination on the state of drug and alcohol drugs, the police sent to him, rapporteur lawyer Alexey Avanesyan said to Dozhd.

Earlier it became known that the Arena Hall concert center in Krasnodar has canceled the performance of the Husky rapper, scheduled for November 21. The reason was the pressures of office and prosecutor, says rapper RBC Krasnodar, Anton Orekhov. He added that the Husky performance was being transferred to another Krasnodar club – Bounce. But it was not there.

He said the defense of Open Russia, indicating an unknown manager, Husky, said that Bounce workers were notified by the office of prosecutor about the inaccuracies of breach of the law on protecting children from harmful information. The document says that the words Husky contain calls for suicide, extremism and drug propaganda. Police costumes arrived to Bounce, and the club building was disclosed.

As noted by Yugopolis, the Husky concert was rushed in Rostov-on-Don the previous day. Before the musician's concert, the police came to the site, the electricity was cut into the hall. Husky reads words without a microphone and music to accompany those who are present at the concert.

In mid-November, YouTube hinders Husky "Judas" video clip in Russian "at the request of government agencies." Husky also said that the complaints prosecutor's office had about his song "A Poem about the Motherland", which found calls for cannibalism, as well as "insulting the feelings of believers, propaganda from Nazi and sexual discourse."

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