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how good is the new DANYCOM mobile operator


During the month of his presence in the Omsk market, the new DANYCOM * mobile operator with 4,000 subscribers

In June 2018, the operator's commercial launch took place. From December 2017, the semi-annual test test period continued – mobile networks were prepared thoroughly, the initial client base was formed, the demand and response of people to the new operator were monitored. Over 90,000 applications were left on the official website for linking SIM cards from when to open. Basically these are Moscow, St Petersburg and Krasnodar, less often Omsk, Kirov, Orenburg, Kaliningrad and others.

DANYCOM has a single tariff line for the whole country and there is no roaming in Russia, except for the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The operator has developed a uniform pricing policy and customer service terms. Conditions of this kind are particularly relevant to those who, in circumstances, live in several regions or often move around the country. Subscribers do not need to buy additional options, connect something during the trip to set up special rates, and then disconnect. The operator is "inclusive" by default. Another feature is the lack of paid subscriptions, which is "headache" subscribers of a number of mobile operators. The "Traffic Accruals", "Sharing with Friends" and "Exchange Package" services allow you to save packages that were not spent on tariffs with a monthly fee, change the records, SMS and megabytes between them or give them to loved ones .

"For the next six months, we intend to double at least the number of subscribers in Russia. In addition to online sales, we operate a dealer channel. Going out of line will increase the level of attracting customers and Improving the quality of the service We strive to provide simple subscribers to connect to network more conveniently, "said Anna Agafonova, sales and service director.

The mobile operator operates on the basis of the Tele2 network according to the full MVNO ** model, it has a network code, the number range, the tariff policy and its own customer service. DANYCOM provides communication in all regions of Russia. Where there is no Tele2 coverage, other operators 'networks are being used, the SIM card automatically changes to the partners' ports. Therefore, DANYCOM provides maximum coverage: it summarizes the capabilities of each network of cellular operators. In most countries, the operator offers roaming more favorably than the competition. For a call that comes in, for example in Poland, Lithuania or Germany, the DANYCOM subscriber will pay only 2 rubles.

DANYCOM is not far behind the current trend – ordering goods to your home. It's convenient and it's time saving. The "DANYCOM.Express" Courier service provides a free SIM card.

* DANYCOM SYMUDOL – by Danik Mobile

** Full MVNO – Virtual Mobile Operator

Information about the company

DANYCOM is a mobile operator that started operating in 2017 based on the Tele2 network, using the full MVNO model.

DANYCOM features – favorable price for communication in Russian regions, roaming and interactive absences in the country (except Crimea and Sevastopol city). DANYCOM customers on tariffs with a monthly monthly fee can communicate in the country for free and without limitation. If necessary, you can save, change and share unused traffic on voice tariffs that do not burn at the end of the month (see tariff terms).

A group of DANYCOM companies includes DANYCOM.Mobile, an external contact center, the federal travel agency DANYCOM.Trevel and the federal messenger service DANYCOM.Express. The company group exists in the telecommunications market since 1999. By the end of 2018, a group of DANYCOM companies will launch a low-cost bank bank in Russia under the DANYCOM brand. The bank and DANYCOM insurance company. The DANYCOM product portfolio includes proposals for individuals in terms of mobile communication, tourism and courier delivery, as well as offers for legal entities in delivering messages. In 2018, DANYCOM came to the top 5 largest SMS aggregator in Russia. More information about DANYCOM on corporate websites and social networks:

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