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How did Vlašić help the national team of Croats to defeat Spain


Croatia's national football team

Anatoly Romanov
Anatoly Romanov


Croatia from the 2018 World Cup back! Vlasic helped win the Spanish

It was very hot in Zagreb.

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What gave a fast game was the Croatia and Spain teams in the League of Nations, while the Germans broke our defenses in the "liberator"! The 2018 World Cup finalists are ready to remain a European elite, despite the World Cup defeat from a whole group of class players – Mario Mandzhukich, Daniel Subasic, Vedran Chorluka, who gave over her a career due to heart problems Ivan Strynich and to share from the Nicola Kalinich team. The victory over Spain in Zagreb proves it.

The defeat of England (2: 3) in Seville seems to be learning something for the leading Spanish national team coach Luis Enrique. In particular, he stepped on a widow's pride and called back to the national team according to Jordi Alba, with a tough relationship during his work in Barcelona. The appearance of Scotland was one of five changes in the middle of the Red War compared to that game. However, the quality of the game has not changed fundamentally to the reorganization of football players. The Spanishmen exceeded the Croatians in possession (67% by 33%), but they still lose on strike – 8: 9 (at target – 5: 6). An extra hit in the goal team was Zlatko Dalic enough to score a bigger goal. But Luis Enrique will now have problems in relation to another player. When Saul moved out of the field, the Atletico referee shook hands apart from the main coach.

When pushing the Croatian team into an overseas penalty he put the goal force first in the 54 minutes. Sergio Ramos did not give Sergi Roberto the most accurate route, but it was wrong. The ball put the penalty box to Andrei Kramarich, who quietly spent David de Gea. True, the army loses at once, forgetting a warning. "Red Fury" divided the score as a result of a Spanish multi-way combination of Spanish, decorated with a beautiful pass helen performed by Dani Ceballos. He also completed the assault, even though he was under pressure by Shima Vrsalco.

With a 1: 1 midfielder, CSKA played on the field. Nikola Vlašić. Dalić came into the battle in the minute 67 minutes. Since then, all the fun started. After another two minutes, he scored the Croats. After the Luka Modric corner cut to the transfer far, a worthy transfer of the "Golden Ball", where Tin Edvay was a defender completely for some reason. Then Vrsalco put an incorrect interference on the ball's flight in his own penalty, playing with him, and the judge appointed a penalty. Sergio Ramos goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic, punts the "point". The ultimate emotional guests also asked for a penalty for the Scotland gap on Kramarich, however, in this situation, the referee deprived Luis Enrique of the opportunity to make the Barcelona defender guilty of defeating. But there was a confrontation between Sergio Busquets and Ivan Perisic, and as a result he had both yellow cards.

TTD Vlasic in the game with Spain

Minutes: 26
TTD: 19 (79% successful)
Gear: 9 (89% correct)
Beats: 0
Fighting Arts: 6 (50% successful)
Dribble: 0
Losing ball: 3
Ball Return: 2

The end came right in the third minute. De Gea, unfortunately this season, dropped the difficult mistake of Josip Brekalo (ahead, the 20-year-old Wolfsburg started in the national team) at the foot of Jedwai – and Tin had done twice. The Colombian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, who was sitting on the podium, may not have experienced such emotions as he is currently even in the World Cup!

Luis Enrique is not able to return Spain quickly to the top. "Red Fury" began to perform in the League of Nations with two wins, but now he will win the group in only one case: if England and Croatia play a picture on November 18 in the final game at Wembley. There is a slight chance of this, as both teams need a win to finish in the first place.

Vlašić: Pashalich told me: "My friend, never go to Russia!"

The CSKA leader is about low Makhachkala, a comparison with Spongebob and how Carrera is disappointed from Pashalich.

"I'm very pleased with the game. The result is not saved", – just what I said was Spanish's main coach.

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