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he played Gone Days and they were a little disappointed


Almost every PlayStation exception is at least a reason for thinking about buying an additive: Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of the War last year and Spider-Man – games with priceless staging, competent technical performance and general polish. At the same time, Days Gone caused the first rollers of mixed impressions, but the magic phrase “Just on the PlayStation” was quietly thought: after all, Sony almost always comes with For descendants to shine. But not this time.

News from the past

In the world of Days Gone, an invasion of zombies occurred. Biker Deacon's mother survived, although he didn't succeed without losses – the hero was left without a wife. For two years now he has been driving around Oregon on a motorcycle with sadness and, along with his friend Bukhara (probably, the biker taste, but we're not sure) trying to survive in reality new. A measured goal comes to replace a measured life, which triggers Dick to new challenges: we learn that a spouse can be alive. Sticking to weak arguments, the hero is starting to look for the missing woman.

Gone Days are all at once: stealth, acting, a small detective in the form of looking for clues from The Witcher 3, and also an attempt to make a living world live with simulation. And the global problem of the game is that the one of the aspects doesn't work as intended by the creators.

The very open world is incredibly boring. When traveling from one point to the other, almost nothing happens to us. Maximum – we ran into shouting or opponents wandering along the way, or I would meet the survivor, which we have to save from the zombies. Exploring the location in this situation is not particularly interesting, but the developers thought of a simple way to make the player spend a lot of time "in the fields."

All gas stations are owned by you.

In the world, we move either on our feet or on our motorcycle – there is no other transport available. The physics of a vehicle should be due: driving, although some need to get used to it, but it has worked out perfectly – the behavior is different on the road of asphalt, gravel and in mud, there are even drifts controlled. Bicycles can be improved in all respects, externally and technically. But what remains the same is the use of fuel at BelAZ level. The volume of the initial tank, if you think the navigator, lasts about two kilometers. Given the pretty large map and decent distance between tasks, we can often drive without re-firing in just one direction, and that's enough fuel. The installation of a larger tank partly solves the problem, but you often need to refuel.

We filled the fuel either in gas stations or by cans – they are always on tow trucks left. But when the hero finds himself in a deep forest full of zombies, and the nearest settlement is about a kilometer, he's sad: not only do you need to reach the canister, t then you have to go back to the bike too. As a result, you have to stop at every gas station, even if the tank is almost full – according to meimess law, there may not be enough missing 10-15% of gasoline. Well at least it's free here: no price increase for every penny a week game.

Around the finger

Local Oregon is designed as other locations in open world games. There are safe settlements where you can walk, take a task, tie a new motorcycle part, buy ammo and so on. The rest of the territory is full of zombies and gangsters who live according to their own laws and see only Nhoncon source supplies. Fighting with opponents is relatively interesting, but artificial intelligence spoils the raspberries.

Often enemies do not notice a few steps Dick, and this applies to people and zombies. The last is in general troubles, and the problem is very vulnerable to the destruction of nests, where the creatures live. We arrived, say, in a large warehouse, you need to burn about five floors. You can burn them safely one by one – in practice the zombies will not respond to the invasion of such a type, and only if they notice the hero, who will have a hunt for the scene, where there are easy to cut off.

Play Days Play as a clean operation failed due to frequent ammo shortages. A stealth is quite primitive, but for such a thank you: you can, without attracting attention, make your way past enemies, hide in bushes and litter bins, kill opponents quickly from behind or shoot crossbow, and length even throwing stones into their attention. In case of detection, we use the arsenal standard for shooters – pistols, machine guns, firearms, explosives – or we flee. Occasionally save melee. It includes one hit and dodge, but it works efficiently: dealing with four or five zombies is easier than ever.

We spend a lot of time in abandoned homes, where valuable supplies remain. Without grafting, it will be difficult: first aid kits and explosives, although in a finished form, but rarely. So we collect glass bottles, kerosene, dressings and other things that will be suitable to create Molotov cocktails and bandages. We also have to search for cars: there are probably police cars, explosives, and from civil transport we turn parts to repair the bike – it is often break down from high jumps, collisions with obstacles and zombie runs.

In addition, you can occupy your own with hunting, but after working it out far from Far Cry. They traced some deer, shot them, raided the wounded prey to fly, but soon fell from blood loss. They are the skin of the carcase – and … no, we are not frying the juicy meat on the fire, but we bring everything to the camp to sell. Unusually, the hero pays a lot of attention to settlements and civilians, although he seems to be an independent cyclist who appreciates freedom and turns the handle on a deserted road above all.

Go and do, you're a man

The secondary tasks in most are related to solving civilian problems: somewhere you need supplies on it, somewhere you have to deal with it from the crews who have set eyes on the t camp, and somewhere to save the survivor and send them to a safe place. The last point, however, is questionable: a former guardian who runs the same colony runs the same camp – people work under the supervision of security officers (who beat workers for lack of enthusiasm), and in return, they are protected from zombies. And here, if anything, the hero will once bring a teenage girl who has lived in the parents' house for two years since the disaster and opposes the zombies quite tolerantly. Doubtful service, in general.

Ignoring minor guests is unprofitable. For the execution of orders, we increase our level of trust in the eyes of the camp. As a reward, sellers are open to access to Deacon for new motorcycle guns and improvements, without which it is difficult to survive in Leave Days.

The promised battles failed with crowds of zombies, on the whole. Opponents are actually a huge number, and just shoot them will not work. Tactics need to be thought about: where to attract them, where to set traps, where to throw reptiles with explosives. In times of such, Gone Days are beginning to look like Dead Rising, but have adapted for a completely different balance: the hero is dying fast.

The game could pull the story, but with the whole vague. On the one hand, if you do not consider the theme that has been worn out of zombies, the plot is quite interesting. On the other hand – everything spoils the disgusting story. That is just a back-flash, where we are shown exactly the same movie, which we have already seen at first. Is this to remind events? After all, only a couple of hours of journey took.

Or another recollection of a hero for “life of the front”: Dick met his wife, they ride a motorcycle and chat. This chapter is not interactive: we are looking at what happens from a third person, just like watching a taxi ride in the fourth and fifth part of GTA IV.

Or terrible conversions between rollers and gameplay with dimming the screen. After all, there is a great example of uploading settings that are invisible to the player – God's War last year, which comes as if in a double one. Here everything is an old fashioned way, and the developers did not even try to think about something.

Overall, technical performance is unusually weak for the PlayStation exemption. The long downloads, textures in the rollers are drawn to the right when moving, the extremes of the enemies fall into the walls, the obvious subsidence of the frame rate per second … Well, this is not indeed in the game, published by Sony. At the same time, there is a complete order with graphics: the hat cut by the main light in the valley looks great, the heroes have clothes and natural faces with natural facial expression, the t explosions are quite tolerable.

It's probably the main reason for all the shortcomings is the little experience of SIE Bend Studio team. The developers at one time had been part of Sphon's Stealth Filter series (another unique to Sony, but probably died), and then turned to the Portable PlayStation Portable and Vita. He then entrusted the huge game companies in the open world, and did not work out to the appropriate level. The original data from Days Gone is very good, and the technical moments are rocking full with the patches: all, the game already has; i updated to more than 18 gigabytes. But studying the world and the direction of updates is not accurate. So we wait for Days Gone 2 – if Sony believes that the developers are again, of course.

The editors thank the shop for the game provided for their review.

Onliner Grading

A good way to take a long weekend, if the kebabs are fed up. But don't level yourself by reading the inscription "Only on PlayStation" – this time there was no wow effect.


Motorcycle physics

Nice graphics

The gameplay with a number of doubts is fascinating

Do not like

Bugs and defects

Weak rollers

Similar tasks

A bike does not eat in it itself

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