Thursday , August 11 2022

»Hackers delete user code on GitHub and demand ransom for it


Hackers break into code repositories located on GitHub, one of the world's largest software development platforms, and BitBucket, a service offering similar services. GitHub has not yet responded to a request for comments.

Information about hacking became known to the user Reddit, who wrote that he had found a warning about the attack. He said his store was hacked, and that the code had to be deleted. The attacker left a message where he stated that he needed to send 0.1 Bitcoin and write a letter with his login. After that, the hacker promises to return the code. Around 300 other users came across the same.

Jeremy Galloway, a security researcher at Atlassian, told VICE that experts saw many consumer repositories affected by these hackers. Galloway, based on internal figures and online reports, noted that the number of victims, according to his estimates, is at least 1 thousand people.

At the moment, it is unclear how hackers crack accounts. Despite hundreds of victims, the number of intervals for the code remains small. The hackers bitcoin wallet received only one payment of about $ 3.

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