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Four early signs of poor health are named.


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If you are suffering from these symptoms, make sure you visit the doctor.

Experts pay attention to flash of aggressive / photo

Experts pay attention to flash of aggressive / photo

Italian experts have identified four early signs of poor health, writing MedikForum.

Change of handwriting. This is an early warning signal of Parkinson's disease. A person notices that his handwriting is changing, and the size of the letters is reduced. Parkinson's disease occurs when the nervous cells in the brain are damaged or die. They give the best to produce a sufficient amount of dopamine nitotransmitter, which sends signals for different movements. This leads to trouble and mobility disorders, and also affects the hands and fingers that we need to write.

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Poor sleep quality. During the night, the level of cortisol of stress hormones is reduced, which allows a sleeping body and recovery. For insomnia, there is a high chance that cortisol levels continue at their maximum. As a result, the body is in a stressful condition that breaks the self-healing system.

Aggressive cases of periods. Sudden and unknown signs of anger can be a warning sign of depression.

Too many visits to the toilet. With type 2 diabetes, our body cuts food to sugar with a great difficulty in using energy. As a result, the blood sugar levels increase, it harms blood vessels and nerves. The kidneys have to work harder to reduce sugar, which increases the number of visits to the toilet.

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