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Forged stated of voting in the "Voice. Children" – Association. News, Russian News – EADaily


The international company Group-IB, which researches the “anomalies” during the audience, voted in the “Voice”. Children recorded, ”SMS giant SMS for one participant. Some 300 phone numbers took part in the till, sending more than 8 thousand messages from them. Today, May 16, the company said in a statement.

“The traffic analyzed showed a huge automated SMS presence for a short number in favor of a“ Voice ”project participant. Children, “- noted in the document. “At the same time, there was a technical problem on the side of those involved in the wrapping.” According to the company, the mass messages for the competitor were sent at number seven – the singer's daughter Alsou Mikel Abramov.

At the same time, Group-IB showed no signs of cyber attacks or internal influences to change the voting results.

“During the first phase of the work, Group-IB experts found that SMS and IVR traffic data received by the consolidation company and the data on the voting results broadcast on the Voice project. The children are “the same. It was confirmed that the winner's electoral system was not subject to external influences (cyber-attacks) or internal (internal) influences in order to change the results of the vote, ”he said.

In addition, high activity was recorded in one of the regions when voting for a participant in the competition final immediately after the poll began.

“During the inquiry, each polling district was listed. One of them showed an unusually high activity immediately after the poll began. The study showed that pots were used here to make IVR calls … Calls from such numbers to vote for one of the participants received more than 30 thousand, ”explained Group-IB .

As reported EadailyOn May 14, a number of federal media announced that the results of the vote were finalized in the sixth term in the musical project “Voice. Children did not disclose fraud. All referred to the official report on the SMS Services company website. However, Channel One's press service denied this information, explaining that checking the final vote results on the show “Voice. Children ”, where the girl's singer Alsu Mikella Abramova, won.

On 26 April, 56.5% of television viewers voted over Mikella Abramov, which caused a depressing storm in social networks and among Russian pop stars. At the top of the scandal, Channel One's management said it was necessary to carry out a technical audit to dispel “any suspicions and rumors” about abnormalities during voting.

29 April CEO and Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov he later announced that he will also prove his workers on a lie detector. Group-IB is Interpol's official partner, specializing in preventing cyber-attacks and conducting complex digital investigations.

The First Channel's official response to these investigations has just emerged: the statement says the results of the 6th term conclusion of the “Children's Voice” project have been revoked.

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