Thursday , May 26 2022

During the Komi week, 56,000 people were ill with ARVI


Over the last week (from November 5 to November 11), 5651 people turned for medical help with ARVI symptoms, including 4378 children, no flu cases, according to the Komi Rospotrebnadzor Office.

Amongst the cases, children under 14 years old, 77.5%, 22.5% are adults.

The republic accepted all necessary vaccine of the federal budget. In order to secure epidemiological well-being, in the forthcoming epidemic season, flu vaccination needs to be at least 45% of the population of the region, which will create a good combined immunity of the residents of the republic and reduce the number of cases.

According to the operational data on 09.11.2018. A total of 299,883 people were inflicted against flu, 35.7% of the population of the republic. The main proportion of vaccinations hosted by the flu vaccine acquired at the expense of the federal budget.

At Rospotrebnadzor Komi, he remembered that flu vaccines were subject to people at risk: children from 6 months. up to 3 years, children attending higher and pre-school institutions, workers of medical and educational institutions, transport and public services, people over 60, students and people with chronic diseases who are at great risk of complications by the flu.

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