Tuesday , July 5 2022

DeepApple • You can not install Linux on Apple computers with T2 chips


Apple's new generation of computers with T2 security chips are set up so that it is impossible to load operating systems with the Linux kernel. Phoronix was reported.

The fact is that Apple is checking all stages of the start of the OS using encryption keys. According to Apple itself, this allows most consumer data protection. When you try to download an unauthorized operating system with such digital signature, the system's Recovery and Diagnostics methods only allow them to change.

At the same time, the new iMac and MacBook models with the T2 chips give Windows the ability to start using the BootCamp utility provided by Apple, enable you to combine MacOS and Windows on one device. When downloading Windows, a check is supported using the 2011 2011 2011 Production of the 2011 2011 certificate.

Apple does not support the UEFI 2011 CA Microsoft Corporation certificate, which is used in the production of digital signatures for downloading Linux classes. Unlike typical systems with UEFI Secure Boot, the user can not change all authentication certificates in Apple devices, which makes it possible to install a certificate to check Linux boats and other operating systems apart from MacOS and Windows.

Even Apple's Startup Security Utility for new computers with T2 "chips" on board does not help. It enables you to manage a number of security system settings, including the de-activity of the safe boat feature.

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