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Dakota went to Borodina because of divorce :: Show business ::


Ksenia Borodina made the idea that you need to save the marriage no matter what. However, singer Rita Dakota opposed this view by leading the famous reality show "House-2".

In her Instagram, Ksenia Borodina published her picture with her second husband Kurban Omarov. Their relationship is dramatic: the lovers have formalized the wedding in the summer of 2015, and in the winter Xenia introduced a daughter, Theon, to her husband. However, happiness was short lived. A year later, Omarov and Borodin broke. And Xenia said unto the whole land of the faithfulness of the faithful. Despite the fact that the scandal has been exaggerated for a while, the couple managed to make up and now have one of the most harmonious couples of the domestic show business.

In her job, Ksenia Borodina shared disappointing marriage statistics and urged to save the marriage. "No, if there is a problem of such, alcoholic, drug addiction, walks and changes, this is understandable. But sometimes people are going to kill their marriage, because they did not find a compromise, or they didn't even try to keep it (after that spell and punctuate authors – Ed.), ”said the presenter. That admitted against the call“ getting and getting divorced! ”.” It's fashionable t be so cold, independent and send everything to hell. Only when you did everything to save it didn't work you can send it, and then you went and destroyed it, "logical Star Doma 2."

Ksenia Borodina is convinced that many marriages are breaking down because they are early. "The little ones still can't cope on their own, they don't know how ((they have time to do the kids, but they don't have a normal life with each other ( what do you think?! ”He turned to the subscribers Interestingly, the singer Rita Dakota did not agree with last summer's divorce filing with her colleague Vlad Sokolovsky, she was the last to discover for his infidelity.

The actress explained her job in great detail to the presenter. Its essence is that you need to appreciate yourself, your happiness and the happiness of children who feel happy next to happy parents, even if they don't live with each other. "The dual feeling, honey … On the one hand, everything seems like you say. But on the other hand, there's nothing more important in the world than an EVENT," said Rita Dakota.

The singer is convinced that the separation is not as scary as it seems. “Everything is time. There is nothing tragic in divorce, if the time spent nearby is taken with thanks in your heart, and experience and growth in a relationship is taken as a gift. I would advise everyone to divorce ALL, ”Rita Dakota ended. Note, although Ksenia Borodina did not respond to his attention.

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