Friday , May 27 2022

Computers and laptops have increased for the first time in three years in the Russian market


Market participants indicate that the market is growing due to the fact that customers are gradually upgrading devices purchased in 2012-2013, when sales growth in the segment was at its maximum.

The Russian market for desktop and laptops increased after 3 years of decline and death by 20% and to return to 2014 level in financial terms, Kommersant writes.

In January-September 2018, approximately 4.6 million computer equipment units were sold at the Russian Federation (laptops, fixed computers, monobloads, monitor and printing devices), which is 13% more compared to the exact period of 2017.

In most computer market in terms of piece sales – laptops – growth continues due to the rise in powerful car sales of the highest price sector of 40,000 rubles. with a 15 inch liner and gambling laptops. Growth in it continues due to an increase in sales of devices from the highest price sector (of 40,000 rubles) and gaming laptops. Lenovo remained the leader in unit sales in this segment, while Apple is strengthening in the top five, almost doubling sales.

In turn, sales of desktop systems in cash terms increased from 16% to 14.5 billion rubber, and kindly – from 11% to 470,000 units. However, the potential of this throw may already be eliminated, and in 2019 the market will not show such growth as in 2018, – warns the head of the department of Peripherals, Photo and Accessories Marvel- Distribution Alexander Rozov. About this "Kommersant" newspaper refers to the data of the group "M. Video Eldorado. With all this, the experts emphasized that the favorable dynamics is the result of a large extent of the impact of deferred demand – Consumers acquire no less productive, and therefore not expensive equipment, rather than being morally and physically without delay. According to experts, the market has computers the potential to grow in the gaming segment. The printer sector and multifunction devices for printing (MFP) have stabilized, and in cash the inkjet demand printers and multifunction devices even higher than the figures for 2013-2014, stating in "M. Eldorado Video. Growth may slow down again due to the popularity of phones with large screens.

"You can also show a deep overall in purchasing power over the last 3 years." This figure is in conjunction with the sales of these devices in 2014.

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