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Changes in Russian hockey are beginning to have a positive effect on the development

The history of domestic sport learned a long time for us that everything was bad. And at inertia we still think so. They are waiting for the departure of any football team in any tournament, to continue to “watch football in a calm manner”, the level of hockey development is not measured by the strength of our team, but how many opponents of equal teams can collect. . We are so familiar with this that we do not notice that many things have changed or changed for the better for a long time.

Production is missing

The legacy of the previous FHR leadership: “the lost generation” in the youth team, who were not allowed to play in the Junior World Championships due to a meldoniy scandal, and failed boringly in the 2018 Youth World Championship. a way of thinking that helped inform public opinion … coaches. If there was any failure, the federation's previous leadership, without eye-catching, came to the press and said: “All the conditions have been created for the players, which need to be managed only. This happened more than once, and after the attacks we used to wait for comments in the spirit of “trainer impairment”.

But, as life shows, this is unfair practice. You can somehow be involved in the current leadership of hockey, but now this is difficult to imagine. Failures in organizations are shared equally, but there is disadvantage – victories are also common. As it should be.

Convene two teams

The fact that the World Championships team in Bratislava has managed to collect a cold team of performers – in fact, says a lot. It is easy to assume that prominent players come to the national team because they have finished their performance in the NHL playoffs early. But none of them would have gone to Bratislava for the gaming exercise alone.

So why go? The players are cared for, the attitude towards them is human and professional. And this leads to the fact that stars of the first-class understand – mon, the season is not over, you can do something good for hockey as a whole, to please a large number of people.

We lost ourselves the moment when it became possible for us to use the debate about “collecting two teams”. Remarkably, but we collect all those who either continue to play at NHL play events, or have not yet entered into a new contract or have traumatized, and there will be more than one “gang”. Bobrovsky, Panarin, The findings, Radulov – distribution of the players equally, we have two full teams, and each of them will be a favorite tournament as a world championship. Yes, and anyone else too.

The success of YuChM is not an accident

Everything was bad, and then it came well, right? Of course, not. Collecting star teams are great. But we can play and win differently. The recent junior championship proved successful.

The under 18 team repeated the best result of the Russian teams in the tournament in ten years. Ten! This money will undoubtedly have a major impact on the development of hockey as a sport. But let's look at this result impartially: it becomes even more valuable when you consider that it was not achieved through individual talent (although it is important!), Hence, thanks to teamwork and the availability of the system it got team was distributed during the three years training cycle.

What is the result? Have met in the semifinals with the US team (with By Hughes and Kofildom), who was crowned before the first match in the championship, our team continued to operate in an orderly manner and with complete dedication. And win. Someone will say at the expense of commitment? Yes But dedication is a skill that can and should be trained.

So the stars are good, but an order will always beat the class.

New players

Surely it was a shame that the men lost up in the final acting film with the Swedish, where something unimaginable was created by Lucas Raymond. But more importantly in the history of this junior team, this is the fact that we have a group of hockey players, who will soon fix the game.

Due to the fact that Podkolzin, Askarov, Guschin and less well known until Khusnutdinov played over two teams at a time for many years, we have a strong group of players with excellent international experience, ready to solve tasks at the next level of skill. Add here players who fully revealed in the “graduation” year – such as Amirov and Sheshin, adding strong players from the previous age – and having good prospects at a youth and future level, from the national team.

All the media in Russia have written about the next Finnish wickedness. Kaapo Kakko. But for some reason they forgot to mention that the man simply refused to speak at YUCHM. Without explanation. And if he had played there, he would hardly have been so good in the adult world championship. Of course Podkolzinu, Denisenko and our other talents with so many leagues would be difficult to get through to the adult championship, but the reality is that we already have a large number of young players, not even 20, going under the team. first and have already called someone to the national team.

We are accustomed to praising the neighbors of Finland, the eternal competitors from Canada. It is justified, but this is a simple fact – in one season we have the bronze of the MFM and the URC money. Who takes pride in the same thing, but in reverse order? The USA, whose hockey training program is endlessly praised by hockey experts. Sometimes forget that our own program has been drawn up, approved and is already about to be rolled out to schools across the country. And we're talking about children's hockey, and the many national teams have already been damaged to automation.

System approach

It is important that the new way of thinking, discussed at the outset, does not allow hockey players to develop on their own. They work with players, because the words “talent needs break” from the end have ceased to be lonely words. The deplorable reflections on the fact that players should work on their game has changed to real actions: skating experts, physical training coaches are looking for players, psychologists are testing players.

Nowadays everything related to such a bulky idea as a “hockey game” uses a systematic approach. Analysis of the actions of any player on the ice, the food, the material from which the form is made – you can continue to call points and probably there is data for each of them in the national team, there are no drills. Nice to know we are not talking about something else, but about our team.

And this approach, as we see now, looks at our team again with admiration, giving real results. Players do not choose tournaments they want or do not want to go to, but we expect them a perfect game. That game is stunning.

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