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Bondarchuk divorced to create a new novel: Show business ::


Sergey Bondarchuk which is often seen in the company of Nino Ninidze. Meetings
Tatiana Bondarchuk colleague may be of a working nature – although there are some
Consider watching a new novel development.

Sergey to Tatiana Bondarchuk prepare for divorce – for it
It became known at the beginning of the year. As she became known, the wife for some time
Do not live with each other and prepare documents for the process. The reason for breaking the relationship is the heir
There was no famous dynasty dynasty name.

Tatiana Mamiavvili and officially published Sergey Bondarchuk
relationship in 2012. Initially, the couple were a very active social life,
often appear in various events. However, soon, Tata stopped her wearing
call a wedding.

The other day there were rumors about a new novel. Bondarchuk. Her in
Recently, they often see Nino Ninidze company. Here is Tatiana's colleague
"Kinotest Plant" project. Perhaps, Sergey and Nino can communicate on the job.
But too often meetings suggest a romantic relationship.

It is known that Nino Ninidze is married happily
director of Kirill Pletnev. Working actively in the "Kinotest" project,
he's caring for her son Sandrika. And Sergey and Tatiana Bondarchuk have two children.

However, Sergey Bondarchuk and Nino Ninidze was recently seen in Aberystwyth
entertainment club at Stoleshnikov Lane. And later, Bondarchuk and his companion found cute
chat in one of the metropolitan restaurants,
writes StarHit

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