Thursday , August 18 2022

Bitmain, the mining giant, has announced a change in leadership


Bitmain, the largest mining equipment manufacturer, said that Haichao Wang, who had led several departments in the past, had taken over as head of the company. At the same time, co-founders of Cihan Wu and Mikri Zhang kept their seats on the board of directors and will be responsible for strategic development.

The company promised in the future to reapply for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), since last term ended on March 25.

“Despite the enormous potential of cryptocurris and block blocks, we recognize that the industry is still at an early stage of development, proving its worth. We hope that regulators, the media and society will be more involved in her life. ”

The statement said that the listing process in HKEX had made the company more transparent, and its activities – moderated.

Bitmain now has a clear structure: AI unit, hardware production for mining, mining farms and mining mines.

The company also announced that it had already invested a major project in 2019, but did not disclose details of the transaction.

Recall earlier it became known that Bitmain can sell Antminer S15 devices at a loss to pay off debts to contractors and suppliers. At the same time, CS Blockstream Samson Mou said that the new 7-nm chip does not show the alleged performance and our device is unviable.

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