Tuesday , January 25 2022

Bitcoin has great potential :: RBC.Krypto


A major venture capital partner partner believes in the prospects for cryptocurrency despite a serious reduction in its value.

Cryptocurrency popularity will only increase with time, a bear market will not hinder the development of the industry, said Spencer Bogart, who is the partner of the venture capital company of Blockchain Capital. He called a digital money idea for several trillion dollars, and also recalling that Bitcoin has experienced one of the largest market rally – last year's growth of $ 1,000 to $ 20,000, Bloomberg writes.

The expert said that the current situation was contrary to what happened on the market in 2017, but this does not reduce the huge potential of Bitcoin. Bogart added that the worthy competitor of the first cryptocurrency has not yet appeared on the market, and working with altcoins is dangerous.

Earlier, a partner from Blockchain Capital said that Bitcoin almost touched at the bottom, then the cash value was almost $ 2,000 higher than now – at $ 6,500. The expert said that the positive news, which now affects the situation in the industry, will not be "chips that will be in the fire during the next bull market".

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