Saturday , January 23 2021

Bahrain Grand Prix: Curious statistics

Little interesting statistical collection of Bahrain Grand Prix results … t


Charles Leclaire won the qualification in Bahrain, winning his first belly in the 24th Grand Prix of his career – and only the second for Ferrari.

Leclaire became the 99th owner of the pole in Formula 1 history – and took place at the 999th stage. In a fortnight, the 1000th race is waiting for us.

Leclaire was the first Monegasque to win the pole in Formula 1.

LeClaire became the second owner of the pole in Formula 1, gaining the qualification in 21 years 5 months and 15 days. Sebastian Vettel's record (21 years, 2 months and 11 days) is resistant and unlikely to be beaten in the near future.

The second on the basis of the qualification was Vettel – the 77th time in the history of the racers who started the first and second. Ferrari is the absolute leader of this indicator. In second place – McLaren (63) and Williams (62), but they still do not threaten the leaders, while Mercedes 60 starts from the first and second positions.

The second qualification in the Red Bull Racing row brought the final qualification but one of their cars – Max Verstappen showed the fifth time, “the best of the rest”, and Pierre Gusley left. the second session.

For the first time by Malaysia17, the two knights McLaren went on to the qualifying final.

The second consecutive qualification two people first of the season in front of the more experienced team members – Alexander Elbon (12) Daniil Kvyat (15) in Toro Rosso, George Russell (19) Robert Kubitsa (20) in Williams.


After winning the race in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton won the first win of the season, the third on the highway in Sakhir and 74 in his career.

Hamilton expanded his absolute record – in the 13 seasons he spent, he won at least one Grand Prix each year.

Finishing the second, Valtteri Bottas climbed the podium for the 32nd time – and crossed the 1000 mile milestone in his career.

Thirdly, Charles Leclaire managed to get the best result in his career and for the first time went up to the podium. The sixth time in the last ten years, the pole holder could not win the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The sixth, McLaren Lando Norris, finished the best result in his career and won points for the first time.

Toro Rosso's ninth, Alexander Elbon, finished the best result in his career and won points for the first time.

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