Monday , January 17 2022

American pogrom at the store because of Fallout 76


The man refused to repay 60 dollars for the Fallout 76 game

Player disappointed a proven video game. Photo:

Player disappointed a proven video game. Photo:

In one of the American GameStop shops that sell video games, an event occurred with one of the game buyers. The man was trying to return to the $ 60 Fallout 76 video game, arguing that the game he liked was completely. The manager said he could not return the money.

Disaffected with an attitude of such a thing towards his person, African-American made a real machine in the room – turned over all the racks with CDs, and restarted quickly before reaching the police.

It's worth noting that, according to the players of Fallout 76, it's a very bad game, it's actually given to catastrophic scales and dig reviews. Moreover, not all games go smoothly, because Fallout 76 requires a powerful computer.

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