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A celestial body that is not threatening "The Comet of Death" is approaching Earth, – scientists


Image radar of the TB145 asteroid in 2015Nizhny Novgorod November 11. NTA-Volga Region – An aggressive asteroid, known as "Comet of Death", is approaching the earth.

As reported on the portal "> https: //, where scientists, including NASA experts, publish their space data on November 11, 2018, the TB145 asteroid will go to the Earth far away from 38 million km.

Asteroid flies in an orbit around the sun. Last time, the celestial body was seen in 2015 at a distance of 468,000 km of the Earth and its photograph. Because the asteroid is similar to a human skull, it is called "Comet of death".

The report also notes that the volume of the TB145 asteroid is 625 meters, according to some researchers, it is dead comedy. Airbrows in an orbit around the sun takes about three years.

However, scientists are not sure that this asteroid will be visible from Earth in 2021, but explain that the comet will survive until 2082, when the comet flies one third of Earth-Sun distance.

"So, in the near future, we have nothing to fear this asteroid," explained the scientists.

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