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ZOSTER Parth. COMPLETION A Guide to Symptoms, Causes, Complications and Treatment


The acres inflammate the severe and painful skin caused by the reactivity of the varicella zoster virus, the same as the wind trigger.
Adults with a low immune system show the highest risk for eagles.
Nail – Symptoms
The most common symptoms of eagles are:
– Stomach of pains
– Pressing, burning, sensing before a few days of incidence
– Headache
– Fever and chariot
– Greturi
– Pain in the whole body
Lymph nodes
– Appearance of sparkling cap with sprays filled with fluid (similar to chicken), especially on the chest or on the surface.
It may take a few days or sit for a few weeks of symptoms until burning inflammation occurs. Then they're broken, a small rash appears, it's easy – it dries dry, forms a ridge and heals himself. It may take two to four weeks for a total wound compensation, but there are cases for even longer.
Nail can appear anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are the surface (eyes, ears, mouths) and torso. Other areas that are affected are often the chest and chest.
The inflammation is formed as a band or pattern strip on the right or left of the body. Light may also be used in different parts of the body, but only in people who have compromised immune system.
Shoulders – Causes
Bee is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is a wind activation (varicella). I can only do the nails than the people who, at some point during their lives, have been squeezed by the wind.
People who have been vaccinated against the disease can rarely develop eagles.
Initial exposure to the virus occurs during babies or adolescents, and after the varicella episode, the virus remains inactive in the body, in the nervous system, in a nerve located in and back column. In some people, however, the virus is regenerating and triggering a diamond. Scientists have not yet discovered what causes the virus to regenerate.
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