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Wouldn't it be normal for the Military Prosecutor to investigate Adina Florea?

Adina Florea should be investigated by the military prosecutors, according to journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu, about DIICOT's suspicions where Darius Vâlcov has been prosecuted since Thursday. The correspondent also spoke about the case of Târgovişte: the driver who filmed how a policeman asked for his password to get into the city treated him as a contempt.

"The password, about the Dragnea-the-Beautiful I thought it was, was discussed. It was simpler, letter. Do you know what is not covered? How is this agent, the uniformed police officer, a citizen? Twice it 's our master' s. So how much contempt is in this phrase? Mr Chief, Commander. How should an official police officer get to grips with it? Dear driver. Sir, my sergeant here, submit your papers, or you can draw to the right. No manager, no manager! This is a contempt for the man at the wheel, "said Cristian Tudor Popescu, in the Night Diary.

"Do you know what our equivalent is? With the 'couppress', that is Teodorovich. That's the "head of the house, the commander, the house commander" is a discontented neighborhood, used by a police agent who operates, Mrs Carmen Dan, who tells us that everything is exaggerated, "added the journalist.

He also spoke about fighters who had been fired at Topoloveni, the gendarmerie, in a rally attended by Liviu Dragnea.

"The sequence to install 100 times, 1,000 times is the same with the bulletin. There's that guy pulling the bulletin out, saying I'm not running, I'm not going anywhere, please, please t well, give me the bulletin. And yet it's taken and put in the van. With the police! And a man is asking why you don't get me here? The question is what law allowed people who stood with pancakes, quiet, did not attack anyone, say what they had to say with that flag. No one objected to validity. They were pure, educated, civilized. And they were carried and put in the van while they stood with the bulletin in their hand, to legalize them. That's what this woman thinks naturally and legally, Dan, "said the reporter.

Cristian Tudor Popescu also spoke about Adina Florea's case, which was about the case where Darius Vâlcov was accused by DIICOT for committing the crime of disclosing confidentiality that threatens national security in connection with publication of the collaboration protocol between SRI and the Office of the general Public Prosecutor.

In another file open to the Office of the Prosecutor General and subsequently rejected to the DIICOT, the prosecutors ordered the criminal prosecution to be filed against a clerk who would have photocopied & # 39 The protocol and which would have given him Adina Florea, currently Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the magistrates' investigation.

"I ask one thing: given that Darius Vâlcov, the protocol is a case of national security? This will be considered by prosecutors. We left the Special Wing of aside the fact that she managed herself, Mrs Florea, would not normally be to the Military Prosecutor investigating Mrs Florea? Case of national security, "said the correspondent.

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