Sunday , August 14 2022

Would you give $ 9.99 to see the news about premium announcements? Apple is testing this idea


How many people would be willing to give $ 9.99 to access the news about premium announcements? Apple wants to find the answer to this question.

The company led by Tim Cook announced on Monday a new service, reports CNN.

News +, which will cost $ 9.99 and will give users unlimited access to 300 publications (magazines, newspapers and news sites). These will only be in the US at the moment and there will also be a version for Canada.

"It's very important to us, we believe in the power of journalism and the impact it has on our lives," said Tim Cook at the Apple Monday night event.

He promised that the service "will bring your favorite announcements in one place."

Among the newspapers included in this application are the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times, of which both already have their own online subscription services, as well as publications that have been published. offering free news access such as New York Media, TheSkimm and TechCrunch.

Apple refers to all 300 headings in the News + portfolio as premium announcements.

New York Media CEO Pam Wasserstein, sponsor of LA Times Patrick Soon-Shiong, and other directors of other publications increased during the major announcement.

The service is now available in the whole Apple ecosystem.

News + will also have a version for Canada, which costs $ 12.99 and includes a selection of premium publications, including The Star.

"News + from Apple will be a useful resource to attract new subscribers to our products," said Tom Harty, president and CEO of Meredith, an important media group in the country.

Here's the promotional video: t

However, some announcements about playing were not "hora." These include the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Mark Thompson, Chief Executive of New York Times, said he was not comfortable with the idea that their articles were in line with other publications in a strange mix. NYT has over three million subscribers for the online version.

CNN reports that other media groups have delayed entering News +, according to sources, particularly as Apple would receive 50% revenue. Tim Cook did not comment on this information.

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