Monday , January 17 2022

Why Google fired an AI researcher


Why Google fired an AI researcher

Timnit Gebru, a researcher at Google’s top AI researchers in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), claims that Google in the United States fired him.

The researcher leads Google’s ethical AI team and revealed that her managers were upset about an email she wrote for her colleagues.

The email – sent to Brain Women and Allies – revealed that Google’s management was trying to get the AI ​​researcher to pull out a research paper.

The text was originally published in its entirety in the Platformer. “A week before you go on vacation, you notice a meeting that appears at 4:30 pm on your calendar,” he said in an email.

“Then, at that meeting, the manager’s boss informs you that it has been decided that you have to delete this work until next week. You can’t have a conversation about this, considering you are not someone that humanity besides the experience valued by journalists, governments, researchers, civic organizations, etc.) is valued in this company “.

After the email was published, the AI ​​researcher told management that certain conditions had to be met in order for her to remain in the company.

Otherwise, you will have to work on a transition plan. Megan Kacholia, vice president of engineering at Google Research, said she did not meet the conditions and accepted her resignation from a US company, according to OneZero.

“My manager seems to have emailed me stating that he is accepting my resignation. I had not resigned from Google, I had wanted some conditions first and indicated that I would offer a solution when I return after a vacation. But I think the manager decided on my behalf. “

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