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What you need to know when I go to the polls on Sunday, December 6th


This year, Dec. 6 will come with gifts in children’s shoes and adult ballot papers. The date of the parliamentary elections, much discussed in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic in Romania, was set by St. Nicholas himself.

Parliamentary elections 2020. Frequently asked questions about voting

You can consult here more materials on the subject of the 2020 parliamentary elections:

Two voting models will be used in the parliamentary elections. For the 2020 parliamentary elections, voting parties, a list or one of the independent candidates will be voted on. SEE HERE What does the ballot look like?

Senators and proxies are elected by ballot, in accordance with the principle of proportional representation.

Parliamentary elections are held every four years and are voted on 465 senators: 136 senators and 329 deputies. They represent the citizens of every county in the country, but also the Romans from abroad or national minorities.

By law on parliamentary elections, the number of seats in each county is determined by population. Thus, a deputy represents 73,000 residents, and a senator 168,000 residents.

According to this calculation, the majority of the legislature’s representatives will be from Bucharest (13 senators and 29 deputies), followed by Iasi (5 senators and 12 deputies) and Constanta and Prahova (5 senators and 11 deputies). The counties with the least representation are Covasna, Călăraşi, Giurgiu, Ialomiţa, Mehedinţi, Sălaj and Tulcea (2 senators and 4 deputies each).

Vote for the 2020 parliamentary elections List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

You can consult the list of polling stations on the roaep.ro website, or with the help of the map developed by the Permanent Electoral Authority.

Voters who are not sure where to vote for this year’s parliamentary elections can head into the Electoral Register portal, where any Romanian citizen over the age of 18 can find out in a few steps where they can express their preference on Sunday, December 6, 2020 .

Parliamentary elections 2020. Candidates for the Chamber of Deputies and Parliament

A total of 1,147 candidate and independent candidate lists were submitted to the Chamber of Deputies and Senate. Compared to 2016, when the number of applicants was 6,476, this year there are 7,136 names on the lists.

Of these:

  • 4,659 candidates for the Chamber of Deputies (CDep)
  • 2,477 are running for Parliament

For parties contesting seats in Parliament, the position is as follows:

  • PMP – 641 candidates
  • PNL – 640 applicants
  • Pro Romania – 639 applicants
  • PSD – 631 applicants
  • USR-Plus Alliance – 616 candidates (separately, USR – 390 candidates / Plus – 226 applicants)
  • Romanian Union Alliance (GOLD) – 621 candidates
  • Romanian Ecologist Party – 620 candidates

Only 42 independent candidates registered for the Chamber of Deputies and one for the Senate.

The competition is great, especially in Brăila County, where 19.8 candidates are competing for the Chamber of Deputies. On the other hand, the weakest battle is over the Chamber of Deputies in Buzau, with only 9 candidates in one place.

Brăila is also top of the Senate seat, with 27.5 candidates for one seat. Instead, the weakest competition will be held in Prahova County, where 11.8 candidates were registered.

Vote for the Iasi 2020 parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Vote in the 2020 Brasov parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Vote in the 2020 Timişoara parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Vote for Constanţa 2020 parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Vote for the Cluj 2020 parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

2020 parliamentary elections What the ballot paper looks like for the December 6 elections

2020 parliamentary elections Turnout: citizens entitled to vote

According to the information provided by the Permanent Electoral Authority, the total number of citizens entitled to vote registered in the Electoral Register on December 2, 2020 is 18,191,396.

Sunday, at aparliamentary laws Romanian citizens who have reached the age of 18 until December 6 can vote. On the other hand, those whose electoral rights have been denied by court decision will not be able to go to polls.

After all the updates, the position of the number of voters valid for the election of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies on December 6, 2020 is as follows:

  • The total number of people with the excluded voting right is 19,604 citizens;
  • The total number of Romanian foreign nationals appearing with the right to vote at this election is 740,367 people;
  • The total number of Romanian overseas voters who have chosen to vote by mail by registering on the votstrainatate.ro website is 35,808 citizens;
  • The total number of Romanian overseas voters who chose to vote at the polling station by registering on the votstrainatate.ro website is 3,078 citizens.

Abroad, the parliamentary elections are held on December 5 and 6, while in Romania, people are expected to go to the polls on December 6 only, between 7:00 and 21:00.

The MFA recalls that it provided Romanian voters with the Romanian voter’s Guide at polling stations abroad, which contains information on the conditions for exercising the right to vote at the polling station, the necessary documents for voting, the voting procedure, polling station schedule and specific measures. adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions column, which provides answers to the questions most commonly asked by Romanian citizens outside the country’s borders about exercising the right to vote at the station vote.

SEE HERE An interactive map of polling stations abroad, launched by the MFA.

To vote in parliamentary elections, voters must have a valid ID on election day. However, the Central Electoral Office noted that those whose ID card expires between March 1, 2020 and December 6, 2020, in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, will be able to exercise their constitutional right.

By law, Romanian citizens can exercise their right to vote based on one of the following identity documents:

  • identity card
  • electronic identification card
  • temporary ID card
  • identity card
  • diplomatic passport
  • electronic diplomatic passport
  • service passport
  • electronic service passport
  • military service card, in the case of students from military schools.

Anti-epidemic rules at polling stations. List of sanitary measures

As with local elections, anti-epidemic rules for population safety will be followed at polling stations. Therefore, in all units where the voting process for the parliamentary elections is taking place, containers will be hand sanitized, and wearing a protective mask will be mandatory.

  • wear a face mask to cover your nose and mouth
  • a physical distance of at least 1 meter between participants in the election process
  • disinfect the hands from time to time, as well as after all direct contact with other people
  • disinfection of polling station headquarters, in accordance with the regulations in force

According to a resolution adopted by the National Committee for Emergency Situations, at the entrance to the polling station, each person’s body temperature will be checked. Inside, sufficient distance will be maintained, and the time spent in the pavement should be as small as possible.

Except in special situations, all voters will be “instructed to locate the identity card or identification document in support of the computer terminal, to take over the identification data in the Computer System for monitoring voting and the prevention of illegal voting (SIMPV). ” If the computer operator has to perform the procedure in place of the voter, he or she will immediately disinfect or change gloves.

Although wearing a mask is mandatory, an exception will be made for a few seconds to identify the voter. Therefore, each voter will remove the mask to confirm their identity, “at a distance of at least 1.5 m from the computer operator and the polling station members, and once identified, the voter will reposition their mask at cover his nose and the mouth “.

The stationery and stamps used during the voting process will be placed within the reach of voters, to avoid direct contact with members of the polling station electoral office.

After voting, the voter will apply himself, with the help of members of the polling station electoral office, the sticker or stamp with the word “Voted” on the identity card or document used to exercise his or her constitutional right .

You can also consult here the list of sanitary measures that apply to polling stations abroad. The joint mandate of the Ministry of Health and the MFA, with the approval of the Electoral Authority, on public health measures applicable to polling stations organized abroad for the election of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies was announced on December 5-6 on November 21 at the Official Gazette.

Parliamentary elections 2020. The voting process in quarantine areas

If you live in a quarantine area, there will be no restrictions on voting on polling day.

On December 6, those infected with COVID-19 or those separately will be able to vote using the mobile ballot box. Furthermore, in the quarantine areas, there will be no restrictions on voting.

“As in the locals, we asked people to become confident, to exercise this fundamental right, we organize the activity at polling stations to reduce the risk of spread,” said Prime Minister Orban .

And those in the diaspora will have a large number of polling stations available for these parliamentary elections.

“I succeeded in the diaspora. I congratulate Mr Bogdan Aurescu, a large number of polling stations have been opened and the right to vote will be exercised and we are clearly in discussions with all authorities to allow travel in restricted areas.” , says Ludovic Orban.

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