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What to choose? Kefir, sana, milk to beat or yogurt?


Do you want to eat healthier, but lose yourself in front of the area with so many choices of yoghurt and dairy products? That's why I asked a nutritionist, who explained the differences between sana, plain yogurt, yoghurt, kefir, Greek yogurt, natural cheeses and fermentation.

Marilena Oprisanu, a chef, nutritionist and ex-participant in Masterchef, tells us from the beginning that dairy products are healthy. There are more than 100 nutrients, such as: 20 amino acid, over 10 fatty acids, 25 vitamins, 4 types of lactose, over 45 minerals and many proteins, to be found in the milk composition. Milk proteins are easily assimilated and give the feeling of satiety. There are, however, negative aspects – lactose. "Especially when they are adults, when digestive enzymes get worse, lactose intolerance is increasingly occurring, which is highlighted by swollen and abdominal discomfort. Lactose foods are condensed milk, powdered milk, cheese is made from whey, ricotta, cheese to melt, cow's milk, on the other side are mature cheeses and fermentation, ”says Marilena.

Has it been damaged or integral?
People on the diet believe that skimmed milk is much better for silhouette than those with high fat content. Well, it's not necessarily true. The fat extraction process is a chemical that affects the qualities of the product. It's better to eat whole milk in smaller than the fatty ones. Skimmed milk contains more lactose than the whole. The measure is the key. It should be known That butter, cream, cheese, cheese has melted, is left over, cholesterol rises and is definitely the risk of cardiovascular disease, "said the nutritionist.

What kind of milk is better?
If we want to make a site, the best goat is the goat. Sheep, buffalo milk and cow's milk only follow. According to the expert, cows' milk from certain farms contains growth hormones that can cause cancerous diseases in humans.

Kefir, the best of yogurt
Don't know what to choose from kefir, sana, drink yogurt or milk to beat? The nutritionist recommends your kefir. This is the only one that contains bacteria that cannot be changed, and is not compatible with chemical additions. Kefir does not contain any milk powder, flavor additives and thickening agents, such as other products. The only aspect that influences the taste, from one brand to the other, is the fermentation time.

Simple yoghurt. Even if the label, the ingredients are just lactic crops and milk, many companies use milk powder supplement and flavorings.

  • Fruit yogurt. Contains sugar, flavors and dyes that do not add any body. No extra pounds.
  • Drinking yogurt. It's just like plain yoghurt, with just a lot of water.
  • Sana. It is thicker than another yogurt, but it has the same fermentation method.
  • Greek yoghurt. It 's very fat and can replace the cream. For this reason, the type of yoghurt you eat is not often in the morning with cereals.
  • The milk was beaten. He has another type of bacteria, otherwise he has the same nutritional characteristics as the rest of the yoghurt.
  • Butter should be used with great care and moderation because it is high in fat (over 70%).
  • Choose fermented cheeses! Cheeses focus most of the lipids and the milk proteins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and so on. The most healthy are the fermented and mature cheeses – calamata, parmesan, emmental, and so on. You know them after the internal holes. However, they are very rough. The more fresh milk that is used, the more lactose in the composition is more aggressive in the stomach (fresh cow cheese, mozzarella, cheese to melt, urda or ricotta) .

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