Monday , January 17 2022

The penalty received by young people who blamed a bad old man in a trip in Brasov


The prison was sentenced to both young men and beat 66-year-olds in a rival in Braşov: one who had five years imprisonment, the other six.

In addition, assaults must pay victim compensation to the victim and hospital and treatment costs. The decision of the Brasov Tribunal is not final.

In March, both youngsters were filmed while hurting the old man, and recorded the whole country records. The attackers, the age of 18, the other 23, were caught securely and arrested.

Magistrates have decided, as well as years of detention, that they have to pay the old man's moral compensation: € 5,000. In addition, they also have to pay hospital and treatment costs to a patient in the County Hospital in Brasov: over 10,000 places.

For television

After the elderly had come to doctors, he was impressed by dozens of people by his case going to visit and bring him food, clothing and money.

After being improved, the man arrived at Bihor. About him, donations were made from all over the country and abroad, and from this money a house was bought near the center.

The man feels good now, the center looks after a bone, and plays almost everyday chess with his colleagues.

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