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New BMW 8 series goodbye

Saturday, November 10, 2018, the first nationally noted one of the most special cars this year. BMW 8 Series is officially registered to Romania through a gala presentation on a soundtrack of a music music concert in the Filaret Electric Plant, a 110-year heritage building.

The BMW Romania Group has been with the SoNoRo International Music Festival for 10 years, so at the opening of the event was the "March BMW", a constitution of the early 1930s, signed by Frank Anatol and committed to & # 39 ; the brand. Interpreters were Răzvan Popovici in the viola and Jan-Erik Gustaffson in the vagina.

The two artists were also those who revealed the front of the day with the name BMW 2800 CS (BMW E9 code name), the first brand modern cup, highlighting the special tradition that BMW has in this part.

The new BMW 8 series was the focus of attention until the end of the night, and everyone admires the proportions, lines, edges and all elements of the body and interior are perfectly integrated to create one of the most beautiful cars of the year.

The first market trade in our country has been installed for 24 November, 2018, when the customers that are sorted out can choose from two versions to get started. The BMW Series 8 can be ordered either in the xDrive 840d, with a 6-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine in a 320-kilometer line, either with a V8 4.4 liter and 530-hour gasoline in the M850i ​​xDrive. The diesel will have an initial price of 102,339 Euro with VAT, while the V8 will cost 127,985 Euros with VAT.

The new BMW 8 Series can be configured and adapted in detail, with a wide range of optional tools being offered. You can create a atmosphere that is defined by lusty and luxurious or one ultra-portable with many components of carbon fiber manufacturing. In the second case, you can check the M Technik BMW pack with the BMW M Sport pack, the first of its kind in the modern range and important historic direction for a Bafaratic brand.

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