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THE FUTURE, liveTEXT at 20:30 »Hagi does not use 8 titles» Problems for guests: not scored in the last 4 games on their own field

The formation of Sfântu Gheorghe follows Craiova's failure, scoring 0-1. Sepsi not scored in the last 4 games played on his own field. As well, Eugen Neagoe He will not be able to bet Simonovksi and Sato, have been injured, and Mensah, has stopped them.

Sepsi – The Future, liveTEXT + statistics HERE

On the other hand, the future comes after CFR 0-1 failure. Gica Hagi will keep no fewer than 8 basic players in today's game: Houri, Băluţă, Vână, Calcan, Ianis Hagi, Drăguş, Ţaru and De Nooijer. It is worth noting that Viitorul did not score in the two trips Sfântu Gheorghe played so far.

"The game on Monday will be completely different to the last game in the championship, playing on hard ground, when both teams fought for the second chance game. There are other conditions, a better landscape, not so much pressure. T and I think it will be an open game.

We're thinking in the third place and we're going to win. If they were not defeated by CFR Cluj, I did not expect it to come, we can hope in the second position or even more. So the goal is 3rd and final of the Cup, "said Hagi.

Future is 4th, with 22 points, while Sepsi is the last in the second chance game with 19 points.

Likely teams:

Sepsi: Niculescu – Moura, Viera, Jovanovic, Omar – Rus, Velev – Nouvier, Flores, Fl Ştefan – Tandia
trainer: Eugen Neagoe

future: Cojocaru – Boboc, Mladen, Ghiquă, Kuipers – V. Achim, P. Iacob, Arta – Mătan, Rivaldinho, Eric
trainer: Gag Hagi

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