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The Crown, criticized in Great Britain: “Totally prejudiced and slanderous” -VIDEO – Film


The latest season of “The Crown” has been criticized in the UK. “Outright bias”, “slander”, “vitriolic attack” against Prince Charles are just some of the charges. In addition, critics have accused producers of allowing themselves too much freedom in the heir-throne’s relationship with Princess Diana, who is still very much alive in the memories of many of the inhabitants of this country, informs AFP, quoted by Agerpres.

The British have particularly criticized the way in which this successful Netflix series, which presents the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, describes the relationship between Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, and his first wife, Princess Diana.

The fourth season of “The Crown” presents the moment of “Lady Di” entry into the British royal family: actress Emma Corrin plays the role of a lonely virgin, then the role of a distressed woman in front of a cold and infidel, still in love with his first girlfriend, Camilla.

The creator of “The Crown” series, Peter Morgan, took the fictional part of this production, especially for the scenes that are closest to you, indulging with each season’s extensive rehearsal of “fact-checking” among fans.

But for many biographers of the British royalty and relatives of the British royal family, this time the British producer has gone too far.

“The Crown” “makes Diana a victim and Charles a negative character, given that they are both victims,” ​​said Penny Junor, an expert on the history of the British royal house. She blames the series blaming Princess Diana’s bulimia on her marriage to Charles and that this production claims that Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son continued having an affair with Camilla immediately after he married with Diana.

“The way Charles is presented is slanderous,” according to The Times, several friends of the British prince.

The whole series is a “vitriolic attack” against Charles, added Dickie Arbiter, a former press anchor at Buckingham Palace.

In the Daily Guardian daily, royal biographer Hugo Vickers also denies the “totally biased” season of “The Crown” series. A serious accusation about Ioannis Deroide, historian and author of “L’Angleterre en series”, the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana, as presented in “The Crown”, remains a “probable” one.

In this French author’s view, beyond the “truth” of every person, “the role played in the general dynamics of the royal family” is the most interesting aspect, and from this perspective a new term “The Crown” very good performance.

Ioannis Deroide explains the fierce reaction of a section of the British public through the “emotional load” that continues to surround the events presented in the new production.

“In previous seasons, there were rumors of old events and sometimes forgotten characters,” so were the debates about the honesty in the world of “disputes between biographers,” said the French writer. “But the new season is all about recent things that have deepened the collective consciousness,” he said.

The failed marriage between Diana and Charles remains a very sensitive issue after the tragic death of the Princess of Wales in Paris in 1997. Since then, the heir to the British throne, whom Camilla married in the meantime, has successfully re-established her image public.

Penny Junor regrets the approach taken this season in “The Crown”, which she considers “extremely damaging” to the princely couple Charles-Camilla, who will one day rule in the UK: “Many people, both in the UK In the UK and around the world, will consider ‘The Crown’ to be faithful evidence, but this production is not a real story, but a fiction.”

Mail on Sunday’s “Moral Responsibility”, the Daily Mail’s Sunday supplement, has launched a campaign calling on Netflix to make it clear that “The Crown” belongs in the world of fiction productions.

On Sunday, the announcement was backed by British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden, who feared that “a whole generation of viewers who have not experienced those events might confuse this fiction with reality”.

“The Crown” has a “moral responsibility” to ensure that its audience does not confuse the series with a documentary, said acclaimed British actress Helena Bonham Carter, who plays British sovereign sister Princess Margaret.

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer shared the same view that he has no close relationship with the royal family. “It’s a little ridiculous,” said Ioannis Deroide. Despite the “impressive imitation” of the sets and costumes, there is no risk, in his view, that the series will be seen as a documentary, especially given the fame of the actors distributed in the production enjoy this.

‘The Crown’ is just one element among many that allows the British to compose their own vision of the royal family. I don’t think this series alone could make people say that Charles is a charming guy or vice versa, “he added.” The role of a series is not to be exact. Even historians practice reconstitution, because we can never reproduce the past, “the French author added.

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