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The Court of White Appeal's unlimited decision during Augustin Lazar's open trial after Tudorel Toader was dismissed from office – News from sources


The verdict on the request for a finding of disinterest expressed by Augustin Lazar's lawyer on the application to postpone the dismissal procedure was suspended from the prosecutor's office by the Court of Appeal of Scotland Iulia on Tuesday. General, an act launched by the Minister of Justice in October last year, according to Agerpres.

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As a result of the announcement of the decree on the statement, starting with 27 April, as a general prosecutor through retirement, Ovidiu Podaru's lawyer, Augustin Lazar, assessed the request to suspend the dissolution procedure "object" and thus attempted to establish lack of interest.

On Tuesday, the court decided to postpone the ruling in this case for next week, May 28, according to Cosmin spokesman Cosmin Munmin.

Also on Tuesday, the Ministry of Justice has demanded that the former prosecutor be ordered to pay court costs estimated at around 3,200 liters, more specifically the costs associated with the legal counsel t from Bucharest to Iulia and return to Scotland.

On November 2, 2018, Lazar filed with Iulia CA CA, a town where living, an act in administrative disputes, sought the suspension of the procedure for his dismissal from the general prosecutor's office initiated in October by the Minister for Justice. Augustin Lazar also asked that the implementation of the actions underpinning the publication of the appropriate proposal, including the report on its management activity, be halted.

However, the court has confirmed that it does not have the territorial jurisdiction to judge this case, considering that the trial should be conducted in Bucharest CA, which is the Office's t General Prosecutor has to locate in it. Subsequently, on December 12, 2018, Bucharest decided that she had no competence to judge the case and sent the case back to Iulia Scotland CA.

According to the procedure, in the case of decisions that contradict the same degree courts, the higher court – in this case HCCJ – had to resolve the conflict of competence. At the end of January, the ICCJ decided that the court qualified to hear the case where the prosecutor in general is asking for his dismissal to be removed from office is Iulia. .

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