Sunday , December 5 2021

Skoda, a factory in Bulgaria or Turkey


The Czech car maker, Skoda, sees Bulgaria and Turkey as potential locations for its new factory, the Germans from Handelsblatt write, citing sources, Novinite reports.

So Russia is again avoided by a car maker. In July of this year, BMW announced that it will build a new facility in Hungary near Debrecen, only 70 km from the border with Romania. In the past, Mercedes-Benz Romania considered for a new factory, but because of a lack of infrastructure, all of Hungary chose.

Skoda, part of the huge Volkswagen car, is planning to open an additional production unit to meet the growing demand for its cars.

The factory will certainly be in Eastern Europe, but it will not be in the Czech Republic due to lack of staff. "The talks are about Bulgaria and Turkey," said Handelsblatt, a source in the automotive group.

Although this is a Skoda plant, the new plant will be able to produce cars from the other Volkswagen Group brands.

Large makers fight ...

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Last year was extremely good for the Czech brand, which had a sales of 1.2 million vehicles. Skoda has significantly increased its profit and even the "market" of Volkswagen in the market, which has led to the dissatisfaction of German trade unions.

It is expected that the decision regarding the location of the new factory will be taken at a meeting of the Volkswagen supervisory board on November 16, when the company's investment program will be established.

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