Monday , May 23 2022

Samsung is launching One UI 3, the newest user interface for Galaxy devices


Samsung has announced the official launch of One UI 3, the latest upgrade for compatible Galaxy devices, bringing new design, improved basic features and more versatile customization capabilities.

The update will be available through the Android 11 operating system, reinforcing Samsung’s commitment to deliver the latest innovation to consumers in a timely manner, as part of a program to support three generations of operating system (OS) updates for millions of devices.

Following the early entry program, One UI 3 is set to launch starting today on Galaxy S20 series devices (Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra) in Korea, USA and most markets in Europe; the update will be available gradually in more regions and on more devices, such as the Galaxy Note20, Z Fold2, Z Flip, Note10, Fold and S10 series, in the coming weeks. The update will be available on Galaxy A devices in the first half of 2021.

Our design

Within the interface, frequently used features, such as the home screen, lock screen, notifications, and a shortcut panel, have been visually enhanced to highlight important information. New visual effects, such as dimming / fading for notifications, focus on what is needed, quickly and easily, and redesigned gadgets keep your home screen organized, clean and sleek.

Plus, unlocking the screen is smoother, switching is easier, and pressing buttons feels more realistic. Switching between devices is more natural, as One UI offers a unique integrated experience across the extended Galaxy ecosystem, with support for new features available between devices.

Improved basic functions

Redesigned gadgets from the lock screen within an interface provide more control over important music and information, such as calendar events and routines, without unlocking the device.

Viewing messages and conversations is more intuitive, with messaging app notifications grouped front and center so users can read and respond to messages quickly. The appearance of the full-screen edge-to-edge video call offers a new experience.

With One UI 3, the Galaxy device’s camera is now more powerful. Zooming in photos based on improved AI technology and autofocus, as well as autofocus, contributes in unison to the enjoyment of photography. Additionally, the categories that organize the Gallery’s content help quickly find any photo you want. When you switch to the top of the screen while viewing a picture, a group of related pictures will appear as prompts. And to make sure consumers don’t lose any of their important memories, they can always return to edited photos, even after saving.

Detailed customization

Whether they prefer to constantly activate Dark mode or make a hot spot on the phone, now all this can be done with a simple swipe and tapping through new ways to customize the shortcut panel. Users can also share photos, videos, or documents more easily than ever before.

Benefiting from the possibility to customize their share window, they can “fix” the most widely used transmission destinations, whether it’s a contact person, a messaging application or an email. Furthermore, One UI creates different profiles for work and personal life, so that there are no worries due to file transfer to another person.

To further customize them, users can place gadgets on the home screen, adjusting the transparency to fit the used wallpaper perfectly. They can also choose to change the clock design and color on the Display In Action screen or lock screen. Additionally, they can even embed on-screen videos of incoming / outgoing calls.

The One UI 3 interface is designed to suit all users, including new digital wellness applications where users can identify themselves, improving their digital habits. This way, they can quickly view information that indicates weekly changes in usage time, usually or behind the wheel for conscious and responsible use of Galaxy devices.

As Samsung continues to develop the Galaxy experience, One UI will receive even more updates with new flagship launches in early 2021.

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